That year, 17 year old daughter taught me how to divorce

this is a true story: her husband after the divorce, I will only be Shouting, but 17-year-old daughter does surprise me & hellip; & hellip;

in that year, 17 year old daughter taught me how to divorce


when her husband ate I give he pick a thorn fish congee, calmly say & other; I want to divorce with you & throughout; I still can’t help but broke out.

I cry roar toward him, threw a pot just cooked fish congee turned over to the ground, splashed all over the whole dining room is.

& other; You told me to marry him is how to say? Throughout the &;

he was hot porridge to, scold a dirty words, there is no answer, just slam the door. Leave me a person holding the table crying hysterically.

when I return to absolute being, daughter has the scraps on the floor clean. She looked at me and said, & other; Mom, not bottom go to get divorce. Throughout the &;

daughter is small, can take & other Divorce & throughout; Two words say that easily. Loving couples than shall not charge, so many years, interrupt bone attached to tendons, so even if the husband divorce, I also don’t want to, don’t want to wait on the husband to others for so many years.

she is not a surprise: & other; That line, you want to slowly, anyway don’t worry. Throughout the &;

at the time, I can’t no mind to do meal, or her daughter will go hungry, holding the marriage certificate sat on the bed crying all day. The daughter sat down on the bed advised me: & other Mom, don’t cry, I have their intimate photos, mobile phone and the recording, if you engage in a lawsuit with him were not necessarily lose, you pay special attention to his house and money. Throughout the &;

I listen to the words, blunt she yelled & other; Shut up! You are so looking forward to your dad and I divorce, whether to let the woman be your mama! Throughout the &;

daughter smiled, gas may laugh: & other; Everything is set, BuYuZeFei. My father prepared, but you think he punches, sooner or later the goods. Throughout the &;

I direct the pillow to her face.

her to make me awake a bit, even cruel to tell me the truth:

she would have found dad cheating. Even earlier, he had to call in front of her lover, but also is not now this. She pretend not informed, because she felt that if I knew, also won’t divorce, at least on the face can better remain silent.

she guessed it. Even when she told me the truth, I will also use her as an excuse, or made excuses for 20 years of feelings, anyway, I am not divorce, because I was afraid.

now I realize that my daughter is a senior three student, the parents will divorce, family is about to burst, she’s done the most is advised me to seize the property. Before she say such a proposal, I thought all her mind on learning.

mother for 17 years, I found out that I do not know the daughter in front of him, and even fear to her.