Temperament decoding: men that eight sentences about women

guide language: perceptual, women like to fall in love with their ears, men occasionally a pledge of eternal love can let her get caught in a spiral of sweet. Today, we can say, the man a woman the most memories of eight sentences about.


character decoding: the eight sentences about men so that women

love is like a Wang Chunshui, occasionally a sweet nothings lifted the spring breeze of the ripples. That a love word, the wine is not wine, can let a woman like one hundred liquor memories. Women like to fall in love with their ears, perceptual, men occasionally a pledge of eternal love can let her get caught in a spiral of sweet. Today, we can say, the man a woman the most memories of eight sentences about.

1. When love: I love you, in this life non-you don’t marry

fell in love, in addition to love, a woman heart is always easy to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. For men, this time you should give a woman enough sense of security, let her know your heart, let her know that her position in your heart how important it is. Fall in love, a woman want to hear is: I love you, in this life non-you don’t marry. Just a short sentence, but more than thousands of words. Women need to sense of security, is nothing more than your determination and action to pay, as long as do these two points, she would like to drink wine, drunk in your world.

2. Proposed: baby, marry me, I’ll love you, protect you forever

every woman for marriage life is full of desire and fear, this phase of the unknown is always too much on the experience of mystery by others, so a woman’s inner need men’s commitment to her. To marry him, in addition to the 1 & other; Baby, marry me & throughout; Want to hear, she is more is the guarantee of a lifetime. So, in order to make it with the woman of your favourite sure agrees to marry you, for the future than knelt to, say to her: baby, marry me, I will love you and protect you for a lifetime. Of course, as a gentleman’s word, recalling, truly live up to their promises, is the real personable gentleman.

3. When they get married, I do the right thing in my life, is married to you

every woman can have a little fear when get married, they left the blessing to love their parents since the childhood, marry you, for your laundry cooking, running the housework for you. From a delicate eye, into a different hands-on brides. They need nothing else, the husband of a sweet nothings can heal all the pains, she wanted to hear her husband from the bottom of my heart say to her: I’ve done the right thing, is married to you. Woman, is a man who knows how to her, appreciate her, and cherish her man.

4. Raw Eva: when the wife hard, well are you all right, I’m afraid to lose you

a baby is a woman lived through the most painful stage of maternal easily in on postpartum depression after giving birth. Many husband do not know the attention wife had just given birth, with the newborn baby, let is a weak woman feel ignored. For you have children, they initiation, but more like to listen to you, the wife hard, well are you all right, I’m afraid to lose you. A simple care, can warm from the brink of death went her for you.

5. When the setback: wife, don’t be afraid, and me, isn’t it

a man is the mainstay of our home, and women heroes in the heart. For women, regardless of any difficulties on the journey of life. Hope husband can accompany at their side, the first time hug her tightly in her arms, said to them: wife, don’t be afraid of, have not I? In fact, they are not need you to her or how, a love strong enough to make them himself. Loss or setback, you care about her, you can be there to support her, let her have the courage to stand up and face the future together with you.

6. Dereliction of duty: wife, big deal I have you, don’t be so hard

who don’t want to lose their jobs, many men in his wife always talk between accused full after the dereliction of duty, but out of work she is happy? Dereliction of duty, it’s easy to let a person lose the direction of the future, for a period of time is in a state of confusion, so in order to let the wife don’t be so sad, not equal to a change of tone, to comfort her, and said to her: wife, big deal I have you, don’t be so hard. In fact, the true for women, she was depressed for a period of time, relax after a period of time, she will stand up again, won’t make you a people all of the family under pressure resistance.

7. Domestic: wife, you take a rest, this kind of life let me

a lot of men think that they work so hard in the outside, women should have the chores running well. But women also have tired of time, she is your most beloved woman, not your nanny. Her day after day for you and for the house, not too tired words, and some man abandon his wife do not delicious, health, clean well. When she was busy housework, why don’t you think for her, and said to his wife, the wife, you go to rest, let me this foul language. If you cherish her, think she is a good woman, you should learn to empathy, understand her thoughts.

8. Financial management: when the wife’s adult, this is my salary, have all turned over

a lot of men will complain that their every month’s salary to the wife, worked so hard for a month, only clear click-sould pocket money in the end. But women do, actually is the plan for the future of a family. Men at this time should be more active a bit, give wife money, send the salary down active said to her, wife’s adult, this is I the salary of hair, today has been turned over. For women, you can take the initiative to pay economic power, is sure her position, she, of course, it is easy to be elated. Women should also learn to financial management, of course, this is respect for her husband’s work, in this way can also better marriage of business.