Sweet marriage 7 big secret

guide language: sweetness when many couples in love, marriage, because the running-in between each other, often in a dispute over feelings become indifference. Actually, let marriage how fresh are tips, we should first found the problem, and then pointed to solve.

business sweet marriage seven secrets

1. Don’t quarrel, mood calm after active communication

quarrel is the most hurt the feelings of the husband and wife, and fight to solve the problem without any help at all. Rather than keeping, wait until after the calm and each other to talk about their ideas. Effective communication, is an effective way for couples to maintain feelings. Don’t wait for the other party to apologize to himself, his side too high, sometimes it’s bad for their actually, not learn to take the initiative to communicate.

2. Do not slander each other, with gentleness and care to resolve contradictions

a lot of people angry, she will not be outspoken mouth, with the most vicious words to hurt their favorite person, even with others complaining spouse all sorts of bad, vilified spouse. But is this really what you want? To think when two people fall in love each other to attract their sparkle, enlarged spouse shortcoming is easy to overlook the advantages of him, and between husband and wife of things ought to be husband and wife, don’t pass a grudge to outsiders. With gentleness and care to resolve the contradiction, is better than confrontation stabbing each other.

3. Travel plan, every year go to a place

often live in a city, and one had a repeat days, it’s easy to let a person feel tired. Old passion so will fade, and the husband and wife one of the effective ways of emotional preservation, is go out to travel. Change the environment, change the kind of mood, enjoy life in the travel and the other party, to set up new feelings, between husband and wife so will produce novelty, this also can constantly consolidate the emotional basis.

4. Develop activity funds, used to date to give each other surprise

a lot of people will put income spent on family after marriage, but it took some saving, as activity funds, from time to time with the money to buy a small gift, for a date, no doubt will greatly promote the sublimation of husband and wife relationship. These need not too much money, but a small mind is enough to make each other feel your love, for family harmony has the vital role.

5. Loyal to each other, from the physical and mental meet each other in bed

the husband and wife to each other loyalty, marriage is a guarantee to the other side, is a lifetime commitment to the other. A party shall meet each other at the same time in the physical and mental, don’t let the other side feel your & other; Cold & throughout; . Of course, in meet each other at the same time, the physiological need spiritual world communication is particularly important. Don’t let the other side feel just & other; Sexual partners & throughout; , before going to bed talk about today’s life is sweet, giving each other spiritual care and warmth.

6. Occasionally have a two people “world, looking for the feeling of love

marriage is not a bondage, after many couples married for years, will feel tired of each other, as if no passion with each other, no words can say. In routine life, day after day life will, of course, in this way, if you want to keep the passion, as occasionally have a two people of the world. Don’t for housework, worry, don’t think of your child’s schooling think you only each other, in the world of two people, looking for the feeling of love.

7. With housework each other, understanding each other

a lot of men always have an idea, oneself in the outside to make money for the family, women should assume housework, the home care in good order. Of course, some women is also like this. But in fact, the family as the two sides enjoy eternal place, should be Shared by both parties. Looked at simple household chores, is actually very tired. Take each other household chores, consideration for each other, why should I worry about husband and wife life not live flesh??