Sister off before why I care for her brother

sister off before why I care for her brother

my sister and I both unfortunate and fortunate, unfortunately, parents early death, fortunately met some good people. Autumn when I was about eight years old, my parents drove three rounds up the mountain and the autumn harvest, when he went down the mountain in the evening even bring people of the valley, the villagers find they have no breath. Grandpa’s grandmother died early, the parents suddenly and didn’t, the day of my sister and I caved in. Sister was only 14 years old, was reading in town, had to drop out of school to go home to take care of me, and relatives in the village under the care of our sister didn’t grow up.

I graduated from primary school, my sister took me into the city, urban villages rented a loft in live. The landlord is the village committee cadres, took care of to us, not only from the rent, still he help me contact the school, the elder sister work I read a book, finally settled down in the city. I graduated from junior high school to go to a vocational school, the landlord eldest brother also became my brother-in-law, in their house bought bridal chamber, with the support of the couple with my life. Brother-in-law not just for sister affectionately at ordinary times, the sister-in-law is also very concerned about to me, often give me some allowance and also charged me to study hard, to find a better job after graduation.

I when workers into the factory, brother-in-law not to pay the cost of living, say some dowry money. Great day in just a few years, the elder sister late liver cancer, the school adhere to the home to die after a few days, no longer let him take wrong to spend money. Sister home treatment, brother-in-law care personally, don’t let me in. Sister pain can’t stand, the brother-in-law tickle her transfer energy, less than half a month they lost a circle, even I look at love dearly. Originally I want to ask off for help to take care of the elder sister, brother-in-law insisting that, however, says it just had a job off bad influence.

sister illness grew aggravating, finally can only lie on the bed, brother-in-law gave her brush every day, and coaxed and fed to her, a day to see this scene, I was moved to tears will flow. Sister’s day although not much, but she told me very happy, called me to him before he left: & other; Your brother-in-law is a good man, I didn’t blessing in my life, I would like to request you to take good care of him for me, so I went to get some peace of mind. Throughout the &; I understand, sister mean brother-in-law is a woman can rely on the shoulder, she is to want to let me continue for her love, let me also have a good end-result.

after sister brother-in-law is bald waste, drink down all day, I looked at the in the mind is very uncomfortable. Although I like him, also want to let him up, but he is, after all, my brother-in-law, really want to marry him a stranger? Say is bad also asked him how to land, sister-in-law can’t active to brother-in-law? So get to the anniversary of my sister. On the weekend, sister brother-in-law made the early some favorite dishes at ordinary times, hello I got up to have a meal, then go to grave for his sister. Brother-in-law let me leave after burn paper points, said separate talk with my sister, but I beside or overheard: & other; You go away for a year, I miss you every day, have a good over there? What did you do those things I just half, care about he he (my name) is my responsibility, but I, after all, is a married man, it want to still don’t feel wronged her. Throughout the &;

after known the mind of the brother-in-law, that day I had tempted him many times, but every time he waved out words, a drunk, but for me that enough to stab also doesn’t break. Girlfriends wedding day I when the maid of honor, after the wedding was her husband drank a glass of white wine, drunk soon don’t know. Lying in bed, when I wake up in the middle of the forehead covered with wet towel, twist a head to see him on the edge of the bed asleep, grab a bedside table of water glass and drank. Brother-in-law see me wake up blame said: & other; It’s a crazy girl, you drink little courage small, can’t have too drunk gaffe a shame, you marry don’t marry? Throughout the &; My naughty and coquetry responded: & other; Can’t marry you charge me forget it! Throughout the &;

I later became a brother-in-law of woman, often dreamed about sister in heaven bless us & hellip; & hellip;