Should women shave hair? Look from the “MAO” female body liberation

guide language: & other; Girls insist on a semester not shave hair, boys stick to remove all the hair from the neck to the heel, can get extra credit & throughout; , this is a gender studies professor at the university of Arizona state in Anna & middot; Faas (Breanne Fahs) classroom rules. Really? ! Friends, do you dare to try?

taking this course a lot of girls after keep body hair, the most concerned about is the feeling of the boyfriend; Participate in shaving boys, fear that elder brothers son felt too niang. This course let them realize that how the masculine and feminine are defined, how to let a person produce identity of social norms, and break the routine will be under pressure.

actually, & other; A clam & throughout; Is not let a woman uncomfortable since ancient times. At the beginning of the last century, with the skirt more and more short, sleeveless shirts became popular, the west’s razor manufacturers began to produce women-only razor and hair removal cream, produce exquisite posters, emphasize women hair removal & other Clean & throughout; And & other Beauty & throughout; . Since then, armpits and legs except Mao Cai popular. Gradually, our social praise with smooth skin, bushy hair linked with laziness and tacky, to women implanted on the anxiety of the body, let them to buy these goods to regain elegance and confidence.

in the discussion that women don’t shave shaving, the most common is: & other; You have the freedom you don’t shave, she has her hair free, this is a personal choice, pain is also willing to himself. Throughout the &; However, our choices are not occur in a vacuum & ndash; & ndash; When social evaluation overwhelmingly prefer a certain practices and demeaning to another option, when consumerism through movies, magazines sell the hair removal products to us, it’s hard to say women in which choice is true & other; Free & throughout; , isn’t it?

however, & other; Not completely free & throughout; Doesn’t mean women don’t wiggle room. Shaving and women’s rights is not the opposite, not shaving, too. Feminism not instigated a woman choose a certain behavior and stigmatized, another for opposing it rather than to a single culture. And, everyone want to mainstream aesthetics and values, high benefit and the negotiation space is different & ndash; & ndash; Urban white-collar women and transgender women, female politicians and subjective feelings, women workers of shaving shaving is not shave the consequences can be different. Chanting & other; Love your body & throughout; , & other Be yourself & throughout; , & other Refused to treating women & throughout; Such slogans against the shaving, and urged all gays as callous, ignore the situation out.

when we criticize the gaze shaving for women, also be wary of the opposite, that is & other Body of essence & throughout; . Despite many must criticize shaving, but excessive claims of hair & other; Natural beauty & throughout; Again fall into a trap. Because, inornate & other; True & throughout; The body is a myth; & other; Natural & throughout; Is often used to justify opposing stereotypes men and women, is not conducive to sex and gender diverse exploration; Blindly deny body modification, is the fashion standards into & other; Natural & throughout; , in its form; Even so that the essence of socialism is easy to deduce the & other; The body hair skin throughout the parents &; And & other Resist western sexual revolution & throughout; Such as rhetoric, becomes a weapon against women’s rights and against sexual rights.

actually, hair removal may be both obedience and resistance. In the corrupt countries since “the sass (Saz) from an Indian family, women can not shaving the rest of my life. But after have been classmates laughed at, she finally decided with the help of the sisters made a systemic beeswax. You can despise ground say, Saskatchewan just escaped from a patriarchal cage, and then cut into another white patriarchal fall into the trap of capitalism. But I prefer to believe that the rebels mean overrating oneself of small effort even if could not immediately bring down a giant, but in the process of wrestling with, women get friendship and satisfaction in that time is real, and pile up the potential for a greater awakening in the future.

on the other hand, the hair is not one of all, don’t shave shaving also depends on the significance of the subject itself. I have a friend, he is a long hair, nails, painting lipstick, busty, vaginal smooth physiological women, also don’t want to degeneration, but he is a man always identify themselves, also like men; Her boyfriend is gay, and regard him as a man to communication; Nancy he’s in bed and play & other; 1 & throughout; Attack (MSM sex party) role. Do you have been around dizzy? In such a gender, identity and desires after the reorganization of crisscross, seemingly & other; Objectifying women & throughout; Symbols on friend suddenly become rich and radical.

if & other; The body is the battlefield & throughout; Is an eternal proposition, then the battle should play more beautiful, not just scold scold the mainstream aesthetic, & other; Dozen DaZui cannon & throughout; And nothing more. Now that is part of the body, lip armpit hair pubic hair hair leg hair, of course, can be sex organs, shaving is not shave can have a wonderful play & ndash; & ndash; More wild, MAO MAO qing chun, less help Ta shaving is shame Play, keep Ta of MAO is formed. If everyone can feel more comfortable to enjoy all kinds of body symbol, their gender and lust/graceful, & other; MAO throughout the &; It’s really & other; MAO big something & throughout; .