She Really Knows How to Rock

A rock band that I’ve been a big fan of since my days in college finally decided to come to Las Vegas to perform at a music festival. It was a day that I was hoping for, as the band lived overseas and had never come to the Vegas or any part of the U.S to perform. I planned to go to the festival by myself, but I decided later that I wanted to have a female companion to enjoy the experience. I searched around for an escort service and found one that would let me reserve ebony escorts for a night.

On the way to the music festival, the escort and I stopped at a restaurant for a bite to eat. We knew that the festival would probably have some expensive stuff to eat and drink, so we preferred to eat somewhere else. I’d rather pay for an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant than for a limited amount of food at a festival. I was craving some crab legs while the escort wanted to have a steak. While eating, the escort and I got to know each other a little better, and I found out that she liked many of the same bands that I did.

At the festival, the rock band made a grand entrance, and the entire crowd cheered. The audience had their hands in the air, making devil horns. The escort and I were head to bang to the songs and when one of the band members jumped into the crowd to do a crowd surf, both of us caught him and passed him back to the rest of the audience. It was a wild experience that I’m glad I didn’t miss. I didn’t want the fun with the escort to end, so after the festival, we spent some more time together.