Separated 5 years couples how to find love in the crisis

recently, we have been a woman brush screen. She is a high cold, beautiful, those successful women, each aura two meters eight appearances, the perfect makeup and modelling, garment products is high to burst, is the devil wears prada in the workplace to wear model.

the woman is the recent fire Korean dramas “fog” of female 1 & ndash; & ndash; Gao Huilan.

compared to her excellent performance in the workplace, her love and marriage is more worthy of our aftertaste and discussed.

separated 5 years couples how to find love in the crisis of


premarital fatal attraction,

may be married couples fatal destroy force

at the beginning of the graduated from the university, met her future husband Gao Huilan & ndash; & ndash; A prominent family background, character, appearance level both online’s lawyer.

the lawyer Gao Huilan crazy chase, but Gao Huilan had a cold refusal. She told them & other; Don’t want to be marriage drag & throughout; Because she has a bigger ambitions and goals to achieve.

however, we also have a cold again her soft corner. In the end, she was inspired by his sincerity and persistence.

she simply asked: even if I have no love in you, can?

he said firmly: yes, no problem, as long as I love you.

however, the underlying Gao Huilan birth, reared by a single mother, life often stretched thin. Her family, compared with male Lord prominent family, it is almost impossible to be accepted.

men encounter family opposed, parents firmly denied Gao Huilan daughter-in-law identity, but the man still chose relentlessness.

but their marriage is not in the seven year itch, two problems quickly exposed and increasingly violent. Soon after her marriage, Gao Huilan seize the opportunity of an interview of South Korea’s radio host. Sorry, it is at this point, she was pregnant.

for an early goal clear, ambitious woman, such an opportunity, is likely to rewrite the fate of her from now on, how can easily give up.

so she decided to: a kid dozen. She gave her husband the explanation is that children can have, but the chance in her whole life, but only once. She couldn’t risk the morning sickness at any time to attend such an important interview, she had to be sure.

stunned by her husband, amazed by her selfishness, heartache in her relentless.

since then, more and more indifference between she and her husband, an increasingly strangers under one roof.

is Gao Huilan changed after marriage? Don’t. She is still the her, just her premarital ambition and high morale, once in each other’s eyes is a unique charm and strong appeal; And after marriage, is also precisely this ambition and fight, become fatal destroy force relationship between her and her husband.

in fact, in a lot of couples, such phenomenon is widespread: premarital fatal attraction, can be fatal destroy force after marriage.

why? Relationship between lovers get along, often follow the lunar halo effect, we tend to enlarge their partner’s strengths and light; At the same time, the complementary effect is also often work & ndash; & ndash; Each other a lot of qualities, is just what I did not, then, is missing, the more appreciation, the yearning for.

however, when two people back to the reality of life, slowly see each other most real appearance, might, questioning, resentment, regret, disappointment.


& other; See & throughout; , is the first step in the relationship and

Gao Huilan after abortion, they began to separate. For the past five years, two people become strangers, but never parted ways. On the one hand, complete marriage in their respective interests. On the other hand, in the inner depths of her husband, in fact still love Gao Huilan.

twist, began with a series of major crisis events in their lives.

to eager to sun mother-in-law forced Gao Huilan and divorce, after Gao Huilan was involved in a murder kills together.

as South Korea’s top news anchorwoman, asaps family daughter-in-law, the influence and impact of this event.

in Gao Huilan into an unprecedented crisis of mark, her husband, the honest lovely lawyer Mr Stand out, firmly in his wife’s side, to fight together with her.

in the process, her husband, continuously recall two personal experience. These experiences let him mixed feelings. On the one hand, he realized his love for his wife is never completely fade; On the other hand, more deeply realized his wife inner truth.

the wife would choose it, had made him very pain. When his entire body and mind are in great pain and the fight against occupied, his energy in the grief of losing a child is loss. In such a state, his beloved wife, is actually unable to do & other; See & throughout; .

he hadn’t seen before, in order to cause and give up the child’s choice, for his wife, is almost a certainty. He chose such a wife, also means that he chose to bear the pain.

but, in fact, we make a choice, but are often reluctant to bear the cost of choice, cannot take responsibility for their choice.

when a husband cannot really & other; See & throughout; His wife, feeling her suffering, respect her decision, between husband and wife how can get real trust and intimacy?

until, he said:

before I, say love you, but try to take you around the cage of marriage, for the answer what I beg you, then, to do not understand the rules of marriage you feel chilling.

this time, his heart has actually genuine reconciliation with his wife. He put down the hatred and resentment, but also spared the once trapped in his obsession.

so, & other; See & throughout; Know and understand, is not equal to simple, but more of a deep understanding and acceptance.

& other; Know what it is & throughout; , is only the shallow understanding. We need to know each other more & other; Why & throughout; , & other; See & throughout; Demand and motivation behind the behavior of each other, this is the deep & other; See & throughout; .

when seen by the other party each other between lovers, their heart will truly open to the other party. Because he/she feels really accepted by the other end, he/she got a sense of security.

a lot of times, when we were ok, step by step, it’s hard to see the other half of marriage. The real crisis, once love real foreign threats, we have a chance to see, to understand, to reconciliation. It may also be the life crisis for the meaning of marriage.