Russian media: China’s husband and wife is equal to the perfect combination in Russia

导语:“ Throughout Chinese husband wife=+ Russia & perfect combination; . The marriage between China and Russia on the newspaper published a “Russia & other; Advertising & throughout; Triggered heated debate in Russian society.

Russian media: Chinese husband and wife is equal to the Russia perfect combination

Russia views newspaper on May 31, according to the report, the & other; Advertising & throughout; Titled & other; The perfect formula in the transnational marriage between China and Russia & throughout; , which referred to the Chinese husband advantages including family, have a healthy lifestyle, will do the housework, take marriage seriously; And the advantages of Russia’s wife is independent and free to her husband, received education, beautiful and hardworking. “argument”, according to this & other; Advertising & throughout; Is made of China Radio International.

& other; Advertising & throughout; After publication, the Russian netizens debating. A named & other; Base sand & throughout; Internet users on a social network, said Russian newspaper is the government mouthpiece, published in the newspaper this & other; Advertising & throughout; Puzzling. This & other; Advertising & throughout; To encourage Russia beautiful girls marry Chinese, affect Russia’s population growth. And called & other; Andre & throughout; Netizens believe it is, this has nothing to strange, russia-china marriage is indeed a perfect match, many Russian girl to marry the Chinese found their own happiness.

according to the global times reporter understanding, the & other; Advertising & throughout; Is by the China Radio International cooperation with the Russian newspaper launched activities. Project director Mr Kim has repeatedly stressed that they publish & other; Topics discussed & throughout; Rather than & other; Advertising & throughout; , it is the background of & other; Youth friendly exchanges between China and Russia in & throughout; Under the framework of & other; Millions of young Internet communication between China and Russia & throughout; Activities. Based on this, the two sides plan to launch 100 interactive topic and Internet survey, topics including culture, education, employment, life and love and ideals, etc. On May 25, the so-called & other; Advertising & throughout; Is one of the first phase.

Mr Kim told reporters that form the new topic to discuss in a short period of time has attracted many young russians, including some misunderstandings. & other; Many Russian young people consider it a matrimonial advertisements for Chinese men, there are those who think, why do Russian women have to find some Chinese men marry? Throughout the &; Mr Kim believes that such a discussion off they set the purpose of this topic, & other; The industry of Chinese men living and cheerful generosity of Russian women have obvious group characteristics, this is also the consensus of many countries, we are just to show by way of the performance. Throughout the &; & have spent

about Russian women marry Chinese men, actually have discussed earlier. In 2013, the ria novosti news agency reporter yelena & middot; Kurtz minna has published an article, said & other; Chinese husband + Russian wife: born to match absolutely & throughout; . The article mentioned that many married husbands are China, Russia’s wife said: & other; Russian women in many ways better than Chinese women to do. Throughout the &; And is the cause of Russian women are interested in Chinese men, do not drink, work hard, to follow the traditional ethics of Chinese men is more attractive than Russian men.

in 2004 with a Chinese man married a Russian girl maria & middot; Liu told the global times reporter in an interview: & other; Transnational marriage is a kind of predestination, love regardless of nationality, regardless of nationality. Throughout the &; Chinese men will love dearly, she said, “wife, take care of the children. But to many Chinese men, life is a struggle, so live a little tired sometimes. But she thinks it’s understandable, & other; After all, they are so hard for his family. Throughout the &;