Reality tells: how to wife to develop into “a woman” swan

guide language: grace is recognized in the circle of friends will flourish, female, everyone wants to be with her for a few action. She said that she was not what mysterious prosperous husband, but according to the experience of her to do, every woman can do popular female.

prosperous husband how the female is tempered

everyone said grace is really a & other; Throughout his female &; .

since her marriage to sigh of sichuan, sichuan’s life is like a ship, finally left the hamstrung undulate of small puddles, enter the correct channel, set sail from now on.

pine chuan is a graphic designer, has been working in a small advertising company, the company’s business tepid, sichuan days also tepid, this is not he want, deep down, he always felt should also have the ability to have more rich more challenging life more wonderful, but where is that kind of life? He don’t know, so, there would be so tepid to down.

however, good luck in his and grace really married follow & ndash; & ndash;

at first he took part in a domestic well-known enterprise Logo design contest, won the gold medal, the award to let him know and concern for the field, and then, a famous domestic 4 a advertising company to offer an olive branch to him, he made a job-hopping is successful, and in that talent is famous for its pressure and competition to stand out in the company, after a year, he successfully promoted the company’s creative director, you know, this position, but how many people are eyeing dreams devoted in this company for almost ten years also didn’t get, and sichuan, in only one year, you came to this position, the ability is, of course, but the luck is also an inevitable factor.

said grace is flourishing, pine sichuan and some don’t admit at the beginning, of course, this is because a man’s pride, who is willing to put their achievements are attributed to the wife? But there is one thing that happened later, let loose thoroughly convinced, sichuan people are called grace is the patron saint of their predecessors after, is the living Buddha of his own home, with her, his mind.

words just to go to work after the Spring Festival, the company received a production of instant noodles for tianjin famous the mission of the launch of the new design of print ads, in order to improve the efficiency, pine chuan and several colleagues go to tianjin and customer face-to-face communication, the design scheme, was overthrown, come up with new, more communication, was overthrown again and again took out the new & hellip; & hellip; So for three days, day and night, at the high speed of brain, you tired, want to do is to go back to the hotel, took on a big sleep, but the day is the Lantern Festival, every wife phoned to rush: & other; Hurry back, waiting for your holiday! Throughout the &; Only grace, in loose chuan said: & other; So tired you don’t come back, I and a group of friends for good! Throughout the &; So that one day, the company a line of three people into rotation drive a buick business car back to Beijing, one of them because of tired, has not responded in a timely manner, in jingjintang highway, and a big truck rear-end collision, two people died on the spot, the other people in the hospital after the rescue invalid death, unique sichuan, survived because stranded in tianjin.

sichuan heard the news, shivering call grace really: & other; Wife, you saved my life! Throughout the &;

pine sichuan it all the way well later, killing one ChengXiang, make friends though not envy jealous of hate, but also is very curious, prosperous husband did it say? More a snoop, check the faces, of the person that will flourish, and diet really faces one-to-one correspondence: you see her eyes and shu lang, face is round, chin fleshy, end is a prosperous husband! It was more the more god, so that sometimes true friends party, there would be a few women asked her, & other; All say you lucky face, how do you do that? Teach us. Throughout the &;

is much ask, diet really oneself also feel very funny, my lucky face? All of this come from? If want to say to wife, there are some tips I can say with you & ndash; & ndash;

at the beginning, the diet really marry pine chuan, pine sichuan’s life is a mess, don’t eat breakfast, love to eat meat, sit before computer all day, staying up late is the norm, is moderate fatty liver disease at a young age, diet really feel how did that work? She always think that a man can have no money but not health, less money to spend a lot less to spend, but if have no health, all is lost. after marriage she adjusted the pine great effort of sichuan’s diet and lifestyle, change the pattern to make breakfast for him every day, and made him eat more fruits and vegetables, what with his more exercise, even to him from the front of the computer & other; Drawing & throughout; Up and poured at home with a pool table. effect is immediate, who saw the pine sichuan said he lost, the spirit of the later, the most magical is the company’s annual physical examination, his moderate fatty liver is not! Design is a cook who work, sichuan and later to the well-known advertising company, each received a single design case, is a & other; Brainstorming & throughout; And always keep exuberant energy and active thinking, not a good body, it is impossible to top down. Grace is said: & other; If his career has my credit, the biggest contribution is reflected in this piece, please! Throughout the &;