Phoenix man husband the family let me exhaustion of body and mind

the husband family let me exhaustion of body and mind

my husband and I got married four years. We are university alumni, and he is two years older than I was, I am wuhan ordinary family only child, the husband’s home is very poor, the poor mountainous areas, parents work in wenzhou, there are three younger brother.

the husband is very diligent, studious, hard, enterprising, took a fancy to him at that time is of these advantages. Undergraduate course graduation, I went to work, the husband got a job in the institution, and then read a graduate student, Dr.

when we got married, he has a welfare housing units, the price is lower, the location is a little partial. The husband work hard, day in, do several part-time job, finally paid the down payment. I home decoration furniture appliances are my parents and I. Wedding jewelry, travel is free. In fact, his parents are working, have income, then didn’t out a cent. We didn’t find they want to, because thinking they also not easy, there will be two sons to read a book.

after marriage had the baby, was thinking about take mother to take care of the kids, mother-in-law only 49 years old. Thinking of the young, the body good, good with children. For four months, totally speechless, illiterate, not the powder, not changing diapers, sanitary condition in a great mess, baby clothes with her own pants in washing machine. The key is how to teach her all can’t, don’t mind, day and night to watch TV. But my mother in poor health, my father did a little business, can’t help us with the children.

the final decision I resign to take care of the baby, my parents every month subsidies 2000 yuan to my home, the mother-in-law or back to continue to work in wenzhou.

baby is two years old, in the last two years, the husband is mixed better, be the leader in the unit, take an examination of the many affiliated evidence, also made a lot of part-time job in the outside, at ordinary times had almost no rest. Earn up to 300000 now. I will bring it to the best of the baby, do household chores, because thinking of the husband is not easy to earn money, hard money, I didn’t go to work, at home also save, you basically don’t buy things, baby milk powder diapers are very general, but also do activity and buy, baby wear a classmate to second-hand clothes. Because I want to save her husband’s money, then buy a house downtown, convenient for the baby to read.

what was supposed to be over, the better our life, but the problem is here. Husband’s brother graduated all got into the business unit, decent work but the pay is low, if there is no home corresponded, married to buy a house not reality.

DaDi first, salary 5000, moonlight clan, mobile phone apple 5 has spent the past few months, changed note3. The usual dress shoes are brand. Marriage have a leisurely. Ready to get married next year, her condition is good, the parents are civil servants, the family out of the house is decorated, but the man home furniture, electrical appliances, jewelry, diamond ring, banquet, and to their honeymoon abroad. Preliminary calculation, 300000. But his brother only deposits 20000, 20000, his parents my husband made a great decision, 260000, pay attention to is to give, not to borrow, this is the basic of all our savings.

the husband said his brother poor, poor home, ate a lot of bitter, eldest brother, such as a parent, he owes them, had his brother to do well in university, have the opportunity to go abroad, but no money in the home, missed the opportunity to go abroad, if it is right now, he will go abroad for his younger brother’s tuition. And say not good, the $260000 of which 200000 are his personal income, so even to his brother.

his goal in life:

first, to his parents in the town to buy suites, give money, they let them next life comfortable.

second, arrange two younger brother get married, let them to be happy.

in the end, is let the baby with a good education.

my heart completely cold.

I just want to say, the husband’s brother had a natural and unrestrained, and use are better than us, don’t do any part-time, part-time research, sometimes my husband introduced him to all refused, said over the weekend to accompany his girlfriend. With what we provide them, I haven’t their own diamonds, had no honeymoon. And his parents, are young, some work in the outside, don’t worry about don’t try so hard every day, waiting for the son, a year after we are married to my in-laws to buy clothes, buy food, back to my mother-in-law bought jewelry. Our children, and I’ve never seen them a penny.

and husband communication several times to nothing. I can accept he lend his brother, can’t give, can accept each month to his parents living expenses, but his words: if my parents and my brother had a bad, I’m not at ease in my life, also won’t happiness. This in the past ten years I save some money for them, we consider the baby after ten years, again say, baby, I don’t have to waste, I originally didn’t kindergarten, is a mountain area elementary school in reading, admitted to a famous university. When you find a husband with a monthly salary of 3000, also is not same to save them money.

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