People think of infidelity five: lifetime is not reality

guide language: affair and cheating cases abound in newspapers and TV dramas, why the traditional and ethical behavior would be avoided? How people view the common abnormal phenomenon? According to the USA Network, Network investigation found that loyalty is a big test in human nature.

cheating, what do you think

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1, & other Cheating is wrong, but you didn’t caught are not & throughout;

on the issue of cheating, people had obvious double standards to himself and to others. 82% of respondents said they can’t tolerate his love affairs. And at the same time, 82% of respondents said if there is no price cheating, so they will choose to cheat. From the point of view of human nature, if there is no cost to do many things, many of us will now do not dare.

2, & other Some cheating can be forgiven & throughout;

derailed more than half of them said there will be a reason, don’t feel happy, such as in the existing relationships or cheating object is their favorite celebrities. And the most accepted reason is a tooth for a tooth, revenge derailed the preferred partner. Both cheating isn’t a happy relationship can achievement? This problem is worth thinking.

3, & other Modern science and technology provide convenience for cheating & throughout;

86% of people think that mobile phone text messages and social networking platform to provide convenience to cheat, also encourage and stimulate their looking for & other; Meat & throughout; In the mind. Most people derailed from the virtual world for the purpose of the object, and then to contact in real life. Only 31% of people admitted that they have to Platonic & other; Pure spirit of sensual & throughout; The relationship between.

4, & other Fantasy is harmless & throughout;

how people perceive not derailed spirit developed into practical action? 19% of men and 13.5% of women admitted they had on lover outside net friend feelings, 48% of respondents said they would not feel guilty for fantasize about other people. However, fall in love with a & other; Third party & throughout; , destroy a relationship is the most potential bomb attack.

5, & other; Monogamy unrealistic & throughout;

most of the people surveyed agreed & other; Monogamy is a kind of social expectations, rather than physical reality. Throughout the &; 45% of people said & maintain stability of a number of other Partners throughout the &; More realistic. More interestingly, 20% of men want to maintain the relationship between a husband and a wife.

of course, it is not necessary because these statistics and depressed. Because the number of the survey is only 1000 people, is not enough to represent the opinion of the all.