People only 2.27 hours a day to do it after watching a little tired

the Chinese exquisite & other; Frequently compensated & throughout; , & other Fortune & throughout; . But for most of the urban people, more and more busy work, leisure time is less and less, synapse is also more and more tight, tense how many people still remember the first dream?

do you remember you are working hard for the sake of what? To live in secure steadfast? Or self value realization? Or…

in the crowds of the city, and if all steps & other; Again in a hurry hurry & throughout; ?

in these data, you may find the answer!

who work hard in order to

in 2017, excluding working and sleeping, Chinese leisure time to an average of 2.27 hours a day, a survey (2.55 hours) three years ago, on the whole Chinese people than busy some three years ago. Work is good, but we also want to pay attention to rest oh!

so, everybody work hard is for the sake of what?

some respondents chose & other; Old support & throughout; And & other To support their parents & throughout; . An aging society coming, save for a rainy day, ready for themselves and their parents’ pension, has become one of the goals of the hard work.

in the survey results, & other; Meet the basic needs & throughout; (39.04%), & other; Self-fulfillment & throughout; (38.65%) also ranked the front of the option.


among all participants in the survey, more than fifty percent will & other; The pursuit of higher quality life & throughout; The goal for their hard work. It also represents a more and more people have to meet the basic needs of life, moving towards a better life! With the improvement of the quality of life, believe in the future there will be more and more people join this!

them to & other; Quality life & throughout; Come on dry

& other; The pursuit of quality life & throughout; Must be the middle-aged people? Not necessarily!

on income, personal income 5-80000, 8-12 and 12-200000 moderate income group is the most attention to the pursuit of higher quality of life.


from the results of the survey, pay attention to the quality of life most friends daily leisure time in 2-3 hours, basic in average.


in terms of age, in order to & other Quality life & throughout; Come on dry crowd is mostly concentrated in 90, after the 80 s and 70 s has also followed suit.


in the minds of these people, what kind of life is & other; The quality of a better life & throughout; ? & have spent

the quality of life is both inside and outside and repair

although their spare time is not a lot, but outside of work, but they are more willing to take time to exercise. The body is the capital of revolution, a better life also need a healthy body to do protection!


in the consumption side, 2017, who travel showed a strong willingness to spend, at the same time, they are also more willing to in home appliances and digital products such as computers, cell phones on spending. But in maternal and infant products, cultural entertainment, domestic service ‘willingness to spend is relatively weak, this may and they are mainly concentrated in 90 after the group, and some people have not yet married, is married.


big, the survey found & other; The pursuit of a higher quality life & throughout; People focus on the medium income group, but their desire to invest than the average level is 20% higher than that of whole! Look in the eyes of this part, household assets better configuration, make money is also for improvement of the quality of life!

and when choosing investment products, they are more inclined to insurance, stocks and funds.

hard-working people won’t bad luck! In order to own a better future, for the sake of the family can have a safe day, for more prosperous country… Come on, friends!