Open marriage spread to China do you dare to try?

marriage refers to open mode, after getting married, both sides of husband and wife’s treatment of sex taken by the casual way of life. Casual, ie, sex life is not to interfere in each other and who to go to bed, but still maintained the relationship. 12 zodiac signs how open marriage? With small make up together and have a look.

about open marriage to hear how to say the 12

what is marriage? Former Soviet writer gorky once said that marriage is the union of two spirits, the purpose is to overcome all the difficulties the world together. Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once said, married people from the other party of that kind of happiness, is just the beginning of the marriage, is by no means all of its meaning. The full meaning of marriage is in family life. Because each person’s personality and growth environment is different, so everyone has different views on marriage, after all, there are one thousand readers will have one thousand Hamlet. In fact, the marriage which have complex, ordinary people think? The essence of it is just two people who love each other, holding hands, eyes half-closed.

and an open marriage said listen well point is to give the other person’s freedom, but to put it bluntly in guarantee under the premise of a husband and a wife, husband and wife both sexual infidelity. Some people think the marriage neutral random is very good things in life, but not really to flower heart and find an excuse? Marriage should be sacred and solemn, open marriage always lets a person feel insulted my marriage itself. If the two sides reached a consensus, that right, after all, are you feeling I wish. But choose open marriage people usually don’t think too highly of the marriage, and less as a static, since can get married, if you are unhappy, of course you can divorce.

Aries person personality is straightforward, innocence and purity, they think that marriage should be honest to each other two people, loyal to each other, both mental and physical aspects. An open marriage and their point of view is different, they can understand each of us has our own view of marriage, but this kind of marriage is obviously not in conformity with the popular. Although dare to try, they don’t love the challenge to try an open marriage.

Taurus people for open marriage view is feel normal, but they don’t want to try. Their personality is conservative and traditional, love and desire for quiet and peaceful marriage, don’t like the life there are too many changes and waves. Only if they can gain great benefits from an open marriage, so for the love of money they may have moved. Whether or not to try to open marriage, it actually depends on them at the time in the environment.

Gemini personality active, has a strong curiosity, like to try all kinds of new things. For them, if both sides agreed to open marriage, that is understandable. If you don’t have any real concerns, they also want to try this kind of marriage. , after all, they don’t like being bound itself and the pursuit of freedom and fresh, but also like to try a variety of different experiences in life.

inner sensitive and exquisite cancer people, attaches great importance to the family and family, the attitude of marriage is one-to-one. And they have a more traditional ideas, think marriage can only exist in the two men. If find others is cheating in marriage, even open marriage, they also think that is cheating, is cheating on the marriage itself. Marriage is a sacred thing, and open marriage is like a flower to their own excuses.

proud Leo personality has a strong self-esteem, and are possessive and jealous. Whether love or marriage, they all want to each other all its own mind and body. Whether it’s physical or mental, as long as ambiguous and others will make them feel upset and disappointed. Therefore, open marriage is not going to be their choice. At the same time, they can’t understand why someone is ready to accept this kind of marriage form, the feeling is in the marriage itself.

the virgo personality is serious and serious, they are easy to learn and have a strong thirst for knowledge, for he was not familiar with the will to learn. Open marriage though, but I don’t like this form of marriage. With their view of serious physical cleanliness and spiritual cleanliness, open marriage is too dirty. Such a marriage form like in general trading, fully in conformity with the traditional marriage. They will not try this kind of marriage, and they don’t look good.

the person to open the view of marriage is neither support nor oppose, without any prejudice. Because they have always been the pursuit of fairness and justice of the peace, as long as you love is what I would like to. But if did not show the idea before getting married, in the process of marriage suddenly come up, they will feel very angry. In their view, married before asking each other marriage is a very important thing.

Scorpio people have a strong desire to control, possessiveness, jealousy, they hope that the other person’s feelings as deep as yourself, loyal to each other marriage is what they pursue. Their attitudes towards love and marriage are very persistent, if not only belongs to one of them, so they’d rather not. And open marriage happens to be their ray point, they don’t fully understand how can love a person to have sex with other members of the opposite sex, it is ridiculous.

Sagittarius people warm and cheerful personality, to advocate and pursue freedom, like the free life state. They do not like to be any people, emotions or things, once feel at home can escape from the status quo. In addition, they are an optimist, all things are like looking forwards. For open marriage, they would feel if someone is willing to and they try, they think try is not, after all, this seems to have more freedom than traditional form of marriage.

Capricorn personality composed inside collect, people skills are very low-key pragmatism, and have a strong sense of responsibility and bear. Moreover, they also had a more traditional conservative ideas, always think that marriage should be mental and physical also loyal. Is good at analysis and sum up the experiences of others they do not support an open marriage, in their view, open irresponsible marriage not only to the marriage itself, and to love itself is very irresponsible.

Aquarius people for open marriage view is surprised, but also is not very understanding. Although Aquarius people’s ability to accept new things is very strong, but this kind of marriage form clearly and run counter to their love and marriage. They are only choose a can have a strong resonance and the tacit understanding with his mind people together life, rather than in each looking for marriage. Rather than maintain the marriage, so it is better to not get married, we are more free casual.

Pisces people for open marriage without any bias, but they themselves do not accept this form of marriage. They are like the romantic fantasy, for love and marriage has a nice longing and yearning, especially only hold one hand grow old together is their most want to have. In addition to themselves and each other in an open marriage, there will be the presence of others, this is the most unacceptable they feel. For to love them, they dare not, also don’t want to try the open marriage.