Open marriage: men go bold, a woman pretended to be very good

导语:早就听说过开放式婚姻,各玩各的,互不约束。 Feeling good is together, feeling once out of the question, points minutes each rush thing. Didn’t expect around to have a living example. DetailPic

open marriage: men go bold, woman pretended to be very good

two days ago, from a friend by accident at the university of learned when a brother has a small three, two people together have almost four years. Underground relationship is different from the secular eyes, the small three is basically a public huotang legally. In fact the elder brother’s wife have long known, just turn a blind eye! Also have a friend said, in recent years, brother of the wife outside the wave well.

have heard of an open marriage, each play, each constraint. Feeling good is together, feeling once out of the question, points minutes each rush thing. Didn’t expect around to have a living example. Sounds really quite perfect, also solved a lot of people want to get married, also don’t want to be bound.

the first time, feng xiaogang has the most, women should not find a cell phone. Assuming that each other make you insecure, what do you think his cell phone in ghosts, verify you don’t fall out? But also that moment? Do not ready to from? If you still want to, then find out that the ghost is not difficult for yourself? Do real evidence nor is not severely affected the prestige, take the initiative to become passive, still have to find their own.

this one out, raises a bristle. Many even dig out xu on the Venus show, “interview, the original parent have acquiesced in this marriage. Venus asked xu, feng xiaogang this red there must be a lot of people sell! Xu answered: & other; Too many people are active (feng xiaogang, also does not stop, let it go. Anyway, our family xiao gang is a man, don’t lose out. Throughout the &;

the same is the combination of female stars and male director, hong tao speaking of husband Xu Zheng when many women when things up after the director also said: & other; That’s not bad, to prove I have a good eye. Throughout the &; Hong tao always view of marriage is that the form of loyalty and loyalty are two different things on the heart, that is not something physical.

people can not help but ask, why more and more people begin to be willing to accept an open marriage, it’s even willing to cheat on the other half of turning a blind eye? I think the answer may be only four words: have no alternative. Open open marriage, in fact, is a man, a woman is tolerance. Life only love a person, is can’t entertain wild hope, so instead of looking forward, not just pretend nothing.

in psychology, there is a concept called defense mechanism that is in our subconscious in order not to let oneself too pain, so automatic adjustment, including the rationalization, depressed, identity, and so on.

open the essence of marriage, women are actually in the face of the escape when men cheating, they are at the time of experience betrayal, don’t choose a constructive solution for, instead of rationalization of the man’s infidelity, feel fully in violation of the human nature. They will refrain the need for a sense of belonging and uniqueness, they like to say, not you give me, I don’t need.

I once asked a blind eye to her husband’s girlfriend, why we can not stand, but don’t break up. She ask me: coldly & other; You know my age person, single means what? Throughout the &; How could I do not understand, but there is a nominal partner really is better than alone? The answer is no.

at harvard medical school professor Robert Waldinger said that in the world, really can make people feel happiness is not money, power, fame or a sense of achievement, but a healthy interpersonal relationship. A happy marriage, not only can bring us a healthy body, even may protect the brain against recession. But the point is, the quality of the relationship is more important than quantity. In this sentence, in the marriage, is a high quality relationship can let a person feel happy.

wei-wei ma once in “science says” about open marriage, I am very agree with you. She said, open relationships will dispel the love in the marriage. Open and marriage in the nature of the conflict. The meaning of the marriage is stable, and the value of love is changeable and romantic, also requires two contradictory relations, is not immoral, but does not exist. So, turn a blind eye to marriage, the most terrible place is we cover up the problem, then pretend everything is ok. But depressed does not represent does not exist, one in the marriage of pent-up emotions in other places, performance in other ways, such as get sick, may have high expectations of their child.