Online chatting on uncle Girlfriends have turned against me

web chat on uncle girlfriends have thus turned against me

network meeting & other; Uncle & throughout;

on July 8, is my 23rd birthday, long so big, so not happy birthday for the first time. All this, from his.

he is called chi yong, 10 years older than I, is a married man. In April of last year, we met accidentally in the network. I am the youngest child in my family, have two sisters, since the childhood I love with my father and mother and sisters, what are they for me, route planning well arranged, I do.

he yong age ratio I big, work long time than I, natural experiences than I do, I just graduated a year, many things I don’t understand, don’t know how to deal with the problem, will ask him on the Internet, and he just like big brother, tell me how to do it without reserve.

like last year, I graduated from half a year, to remember with a report card placed the file is good, but at this moment I how also can not find the registration certificate, I think it is not in & other; System & throughout; Work, to report for duty card can’t find even. I tell him about this problem. And he said this is a misunderstanding, registration certificate to the holder of the graduates is the recruitment of students, is also a national cadre identity proof. Report to the earlier time, calculate length of service records time the sooner, the obtainment of grading and titles to declare the earlier time also will accordingly.

because he this sentence, I fill do a decisive ran back to school to report for duty card. Days that he was afraid of me after my help things more and more, we are talk to each other, I adore, for he is also increasingly a lot of things will listen to his advice. In front of him I like a small sheep, there is no definite view, gentle and clinking. I’ll tell him everything, he is also very concerned about to me.

can’t help falling in love with he

on the Internet chatting for more than half a year, in November last year, the two of us chatting chatting said meet each other. At noon that day, I booked a restaurant near the unit, ready to thank him at ordinary times of all kinds of help to me. I came to the restaurant early, through the window, I saw a man coming straight to the restaurant in leather jackets, although not met, but with intuition, I think the man is he yong. First saw him, and he wears glasses, the hair is side, like a & other; Uncle & throughout; , not my type, but his voice is magnetic, particularly well, this is very attract me.

gossiping, he telephoned his wife asked him if he could go home to have a meal. Hang after the phone, he told me that, & other; This is your sister-in-law calling & throughout; . Chat on the Internet, in addition to the usual work, hobbies, he yong will also often told me that he and his wife, between words, with happiness. He told me that his wife is 1 years older than he, mutually close, especially good for him.

after the meeting, he is no longer my brother, we became good friends. After graduation, I have always been a person in the outside rent a house and can’t cook, he learned that I often eat, just tell me the girl should learn to cook, outside the rice isn’t health. On one occasion, he actively about meet me, take me to the supermarket to buy kitchen utensils and ingredients, although is very simple, but I was very moved.

a weekend in March this year, suddenly made my stomach ailments, sore, I called to tell him, he asks for leave to take me to a hospital checking, the days in hospital, he will come to see me, to bring me a meal, to accompany my chat.

I’m a bit timid, a man in the outside rent, there are always can’t sleep. As long as I suffer from insomnia, he will be on WeChat to accompany my chat, no matter how late, he will accompany me to say with me good night. Get up in the morning, it is the first and I said good morning.

I slowly dependence on him, can’t help to like him, even though I know not to do so.

friend quarreled suffering

my these little idea eventually escapes your close eyes, in your close & other; Condemn & throughout; I asked her to tell what I with he yong. After she knew that the first opposition, girlfriends think I was a little, like a big his 10 years old and married men, very funny, urged me to quickly cut off contact with tzu chi yong, otherwise the injured only me. However, I am like crazy, think of him on my good at ordinary times, still can’t give up.

best friends get to know each other for 12 years, and I saw myself, in the girlfriends unexpectedly gave me an ultimatum, if he don’t break up, then I with girlfriends in 12 years of friendship will end.

gradually friends all know this matter, and is very opposed, I know they are good to me, angry ignore me also to let me go back, my in the mind all understand, can let me put down is really very difficult.

I have asked he yong in the network, like me, like he said. Love, of tzu chi yong girlfriends. My heart is more and more. On July 8, is my birthday, my mother called me wish me happy birthday, and ask me if there are any difficulties in life, I have difficulties, but I dare not tell mom. I especially sad now, do not know should continue to contact him.

small make up reply

like a pain on his own people right, but love is not moved is not impulsive, but caring and ordinary in the future. Cherish, fell in love with a shouldn’t love of person, he yong is a married person, he has his beloved wife, have a sensible child. Even though he yong to cherish every good, but he never said a divorce with precious little article. Instead of watching the love no results, put the time in looking for the right person.

cherish, now have to do is to make yourself calm down and ask yourself a few times more, want what, on the way feelings really want to find a what kind of man, their choices will not bring irreparable harm to others, when know the own demand, then maybe she finally doubt there will be a clear answer.