Old wife less prevalent even for double “moist” do it have?


old wife marriage have less fashionable five reasons for

the old wife marriage less often become people in dinner conversation. Some people think that have electra complex, speculation does not wish to have children, others say is purely for the money, if a person is a poor man, a girl won’t marry. In fact, love without borders, also regardless of age, as long as love each other, with young and old marriage can also be happy. Analysis found that the girl to marry mature men do have a lot of benefits:

1. Mature man more secure

women married happiness is closely connected with the security of marriage. Middle-aged man through life experience and social experience and life experience is rich, has the unique charm of mature man, more attractive than stripling. Since men mature steady, is modest and prudent, self-serious, a fatherly manner, by the young as a mentor, can give a woman more a sense of security. Girl to marry a mature man, therefore, more steadfast in my heart, don’t bother to bother to transform him, after marriage can be at ease to do your little woman.

2. A steady income for the good material conditions

material conditions is the important guarantee of marriage life. Although people pursuit of material wealth, endless way can also be full of rich, poor is poor, but, after all, poor couples Pepsi sorrow too poor also influence a happy marriage. Middle-aged men are successful, has a relatively stable economic income, some even after years of struggle, has accumulated a rich material wealth, can give a woman a comfortable life environment. Therefore, girls middle-aged man married to a successful career, need not worry too much material life after marriage problems.

3. Can know to cherish inclusive love

whether divorced or unmarried, middle-aged man usually have a tortuous emotional experience, young woman love each other will cherish, know how to grasp the hard-won happiness, rarely play fast and loose emotionally. A man in his forties, attach more importance to the family’s warmth and stability, not only has a strong inclusive, know how to coax a wife happy, all the more to little wife will be spoiled. Girl to marry a middle-aged man, therefore, not only can get more love, also don’t have to suppress small temperament, along with the gender spoiled life more relaxed and pleasant.

4. Double moisturizing happier

men are like a beautiful young woman. In the case of old little wife gradually into fashion, man has a wife not only can conquer the desire, full and unique sense of accomplishment in front of your friends. Most middle-aged man took good care of little wife all, playing the role of the husband at the same time, more or less mixed with the shadow of a father. Due to fewer middle-aged man to wife more patient, women want and surprises are more likely to get the honeyed words, no matter have premarital electra complex, can feel love and father love moist, more easily than marry age of happiness.

5. Experience can safely rely on

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a man see the face is more important than lining, marriage is like being a girl look up to, the most reluctant to turn around the wife of his baton, marry a young girl would not have these worries. Middle-aged man aspect of knowledge broad, life experience more rich, more confident in front of pure lovely girl, after marriage can not only teach women a lot of things, will also take the initiative to assume most of the housework, inside and don’t have to worry girl. So, the young girl to middle-aged man, can safely depend on don’t have to worry about to become a big momma, married life is more laid-back.

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although young girl married middle-aged man have many advantages, but is not without any risk. First of all, the old wife less life experience is different, differences between values, life hard to avoid conflict, love easy to get along with difficult. Second, many middle-aged man divorced, children belong to the man raising, girl after marriage is not easy to be a good stepmother. Again, the man life less than the same age woman, girl marry a big teenage husband, it is difficult to stay together to grow.