Myth: with Chinese women’s opinions about love because the child sex though!

guide language: before the wedding dress is in order to find the right partner, after getting married of self to make way for the family and children, all such hard women around you have? This is the common mistake with Chinese women opinions about love.

error: with Chinese women’s opinions about love for child sex though!

CCTV anchor Xu Li wrote an article cause the resonance of countless women: Chinese women give up too early on the whole. Our beauty is not in order to mate, not for others, we have a responsibility to show the beauty of life, is that we should have the dignity of life.

about this, I am very recognition. That is, by extension, & ndash; & ndash; Chinese women on a woman’s age, excessive attention to the position of love and marriage in the life, early to give up yourself, premature loss of self.

20 years old, I had to work in a magazine, single pay is only 3000 yuan, at that time, my marriage is: woman finalize the design before the age of 30, that is to say, married before the age of 30, so my life even if stability, adjusting well before the age of 30 himself married themselves.

at the time, I’m going to correct teeth, is to find a boyfriend, but afraid wearing steel braces affect the image, and then can do the quick porcelain teeth. This is a choice, I regret it because of the porcelain teeth tooth nerve damage, and can not fundamentally change problem of the tooth. So I have to do 35 invisible orthodontic adjusting jaw, the doctor told me, now don’t say more than 30, 40 for women who are invisible orthodontic.

now of I, what shape before 30 years old, whether beauty or dating, not once and for all things. Yes, the pursuit of beauty, want to more beautiful, there is no age limit. It is a lifetime pursuit.

as we age, today, after I got married, found that women are around so much trouble for their children’s education and even gave up his life.

one of my distant sister-in-law, in order to cultivate their children to school, she began to embrace all kinds of cram school, only on the junior high school, I watched English tutoring materials are demanding. Her daily schedule is like this: get up at five o ‘clock every morning, then the counseling self-study and homework, and then to the kids, come back to continue coaching children do the homework, weekend again to send their children to all kinds of cram school, what guzheng class Olympic math class. All year round. As a spectator, I look at all tired.

in fact, my distant sister-in-law, originally is a famous doctor, had been as a teacher in a university, in order to fully tutoring children, apply to the administrative personnel. Originally, she can have a better development in career. Now, her for the sake of children, basic gave up his own business. The year of, I once heard that parents to the child’s homework, but sex. , it seems, is not hyperbole.

I have a friend, more than forty years old, high-net-worth. She has his own company, her husband also have company. Because of the child’s education, she put money in the second, in addition to ferry their children to school all the way from school counselling homework, now, she is preparing for his daughter to go to school in the United States data, and as with go to the United States. This with, she would put most of the time in the United States, will and husband live near separation day, comparable to the gigolo knit.

of course, a round of it is for the sake of the husband except for the children. This part of the woman, after marriage is no longer work, every day looking at the husband, check the husband phone tracking husband, even afraid of the husband is young girl seduction. That’s not to mention his career pursuit and self value realization.

this part because women’s values are: to keep the marriage hold the husband as a target. Even if the husband had the woman in the outside, but for the children to face, she also want to do with the widow of marriage. Why not divorce? Because she leave the husband after marriage, can’t feed myself, no confidence to find buyers, naturally would rather endure a divorce. This is a pity and sad.

shen congwen has written a very famous love letter: I have done in many parts of the bridge, have seen many times of cloud, drink many kinds of wine, but only love a proper best age. And the man is her wife zhang.

actually, in not before the arrival of love, that love yourself a little more, may wish to write a love letter to himself.

Chinese men actually not too understand woman, more do not understand love. Even if love marriage, most of the woman is still lonely, even despair.

to write a love letter, at this moment is: I love myself, no rival in love.

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