My sister-in-law is my son mother

sister-in-law is actually my son mother

net friend letter:

teacher xia, how are you. My husband and I met each other through blind date, we are second marriage, he had a son, and was left by his ex-wife, it is said that his former wife died because of illness, but children are young, and he wants to give the child a complete family, so I didn’t really mind. And I am very fond of children, but because of unable to have children, by her husband out of the door & hellip; & hellip;

when I think of and her husband meet, like a shadow of the fate, we are nice to talk to, he is very polite and treat me, I fear that he would mind if I can not have children, he told me that if I am willing to with him, his child is my child, I was the child’s mother. Met a man who understand me and accept me is not easy, I chose with him.

so, we will restructure the family. When we just got married, his son is not large, only three years old, and I believe that as long as I take good care of him in the future days, loved him as his own son, our family will be happy.

I’m very good son, he often wake up in the middle of the night, I just heard the movement, will go to his house to take care of, because the rest is bad, I was also drawn a lot of, the husband love me, night in watching his children, although I said yes, but I still have a mind at rest, the child is very dependent on me, I’m afraid the husband not coax him, over and over can’t sleep at night, still can’t help to visit children in the room.

I absolute dedication to children and the husband outside to earn money also to greater efforts. I like to eat candied fruit, every day to go home, give me to buy I like to eat the candied fruit, this is a little happiness, makes me feel that my happiness is very precious.

later son went to elementary school, I found a job nearby, will meet him home on time every day, every time he called to revealing the smiling face my mother, I feel this lifetime no regret. Have a love my husband, have love my children, our family together of the time is really very happy.

I also remember that her son’s school opened to painting, he painted the first picture is a happy family, we three people holding hands. Son in my heart, really is everything to me, he made my life, and I am also really made it as his own. Education child, I watched a lot of books, in order to let the son get enough love, I didn’t even work, at home to do a housewife, heart and soul to accompany him. Until the son in elementary school, I began to work, but how also not think, all this will change.

, there is a woman suddenly knocked at my door, and asked my husband is here or not, I’m curious, who is this woman, how will be looking for my husband in a door to door? But just the husband went on a business trip, I make a phone call, learned of this woman’s husband died of elder brother’s wife.

she said that she was passing by, remember we live here, and then to the door, also to have a look at our son, and I said my son is doing his homework in the room?

so, I went to the kitchen to her cut fruit, but came out to see her hesitate with the floor, I saw her on the floor and into the son’s room, suddenly began to cry, but cry very sad, crying to hold her son, sister-in-law she a cry let my son mother & hellip; & hellip;

I dare not to cry out loud, whilst placing a hand over your mouth is it is the husband and son this woman’s child? After the woman left, I the whole people all freaked, this child, who is the child & hellip; & hellip; I a person hiding in the room, the thought of these, the heart was broken off.

is the husband has rebelled against me? But he is very kind to me, our family is very happy. Sister-in-law came after, I will give the husband on the phone, he didn’t tell me the truth, the child is the sister-in-law, when she and her brother after the divorce, she took most of the property, and then married to a rich man. Eldest brother to the child, but it was an accident died, he was to raise the children. It is his ex-wife because we can’t accept the child, abandoned my husband, but in order to give the child a perfect home, the husband is declared their children, were the children born to his ex-wife.

and the accident the door is likely to be sister-in-law wants to take the child, the thought of sister-in-law I see children don’t shed and sad, really want to take away her son one thousand, then our family will be completely broken, less any one, will not be happy. Now what should I do? I’m really concerned about, I recently found sister-in-law often come to my house, to buy clothes and toys, I don’t want to lose the child, is there any way to keep him?

summer mo re:

relationship harmony, parent-child relationship can be harmonious. In addition to the affection between husband and wife can affect a child’s growth, to change a child’s growth environment, also can cause certain negative impact on children.

since, it is borne by your husband, he should stand up at this time to talk to my sister-in-law. First of all, she and her brother at the time of divorce, chose the most of the property, the eldest brother chose to custody of the child. After immediate relatives preferred, raising the children, that is, at present he is the child’s guardian.

at this point, he should talk well and sister-in-law, ask her what’s the purpose. Can tell her directly, if rashly will bring back to children, for children’s growth is likely to cause serious injury. At the same time, the children have no and she did not establish any relationship, children can not accept her, so do not take.

at the same time, you have to accept, after all, she is the child’s own mother, so, should see whether children rejection to her, if the child can establish relationship with her, slowly can keep their relatives.

but your husband is best to consult a professional lawyer, the status in quo of your children how to better to keep. Regardless of the outcome, suggest you go to several hospitals, more individual check your body, see if you can through the medical skill, let you have the opportunity to do my own mother. Because of the existence of the sister-in-law, can let you always worry about the fear of losing the child. But, if you can have a baby of her own, so, your heart will be more solid, and your marriage will be more solid.