Must go through this step before divorce

there are several reasons for couples separated, some people want to use this time, take a step back and look at the marriage in light of the outsider’s position, also somebody is preparing for a divorce, and the separation is in order to regulate marriage, to better the relationship.

in the real world there are a lot of couples separated to save the marriage, there are a lot of people from separation into a divorce. Where you toward the end, depends on you and your partner during the period of separation, ever want to know what they want.


what is separation?

in some countries, the separation can be divided into two categories & ndash; & ndash; Trial separation and legal separation. Trial separation refers to a couple decided to live separately, but don’t walk the legal process; A legal separation is based on the court’s ruling. In China, no these two differences, legal regulations only & other; Because of affection separated with two years & throughout; And the mediation fails, divorce shall be granted.

but just separated the fact that does not make your marriage is invalid automatically. If not to Sue divorce or divorce, even if you are separated for more than two years, you still legally married. If the separation after a period of time you still want to divorce, you can ask the court to lodge a complaint. However, if you have sex during separation, could affect the court & other; Emotional discord & throughout; The judgment. & have spent & have spent

considering separated?

should be considered when separated, it is difficult to generalize. A lot of a lot of marriage counselor will privately joked that visitors are dying in a relationship when I ran to help. Therefore, once you’ve found some unable to resolve the conflict in a relationship, you should pay attention to these problems.

if you are not happy in a relationship, and feel the possibility of two separate for a period of time will help, in fact you can tell each other to open up, and asked them how to think. To clear the purpose of your separation & ndash; & ndash; No product most is clearly want to break up, also said that only a temporary separation, giving misleading. Anyway, don’t let the other side to produce false expectations.

you can also find a marriage counselor to help you decide whether to brief separation or long separation is better for both sides. During the separation, you need to pay attention to the following:

think about what they decided to separate is in order to achieve goals. Do you hope to divorce, or maintain a marriage, or is it just needs time before making a decision to calm thinking about your relationship? Set yourself a time limit. Such as 6 months or 12 months. Don’t let the separation period longer than one year, unless you just want to divorce. The problem of financial and daily life. Who move out? The original bills and how to pay the rent? If you have children, with whom they live? Who will take care of the ta? Before separation, it is best to clear these problems. The other party may date with others? In spite of the problem may be more sensitive, but you should be on the table. If one of you feel not ok, then put the idea. Don’t let your family and friends know too much. Of course, you can tell them your decision, but don’t share all tell the ta. After separated for a period of time, if you have some more clear and firm idea, you can tell the ta. Before that, you need to discuss with your partner, you want to use what means to people close to formally announced the news. Assessment on a regular basis. During the period of separation or to keep in touch, regular evaluation of your goals, and see what has been reached, you feel. Try to through marriage counseling, resolve the conflict between two people. No matter you are for a divorce, are willing to continue to go on, sort out the baggage of the past is a good thing.