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guide language: Japanese singer Mr Koizumi now days (51) recently issued a statement, with 52 actor admitted bbca work of extra-marital affairs.

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Mr Koizumi now days was born in 1966 in Japan, singer, actor. 16-year-old debut, 18 years, and he sang “doraemon” theater version of the theme song, showa one of three big song ji. This extra-marital affairs actor bbca work, was born in Japan in 1965, is an actor and singer.

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Mr Koizumi’s day said in a statement today & other; Media reported a lot of content does not conform to the facts, gives relevant people, bbca work also have family, had been reported in order not to bother for his family when I want to take on this matter, but did not think of event continuous fermentation and moving in the wrong direction. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to his family on the derailment, for didn’t speak, I only regret. Throughout the &;


fill bbca work also synchronized statement at the same time, public relations with Mr Koizumi now days, & other; She and I are like-minded partners, but also keep the love feelings. Throughout the &; He admitted that he has a wife and family, feel very sorry for the family, & other; Throughout all responsibility in me &; , at the same time and his family have been separated more than 3 years, finally don’t request media interview of her family. DetailPic


the first time by people in this way, I don’t know uncle bbca?

this is not Mr Koizumi aunt for the first time to eat the melon shocked the masses, have been reported before & other; Milk Sun Lian & throughout; .

in April 2006, Mr Koizumi veteran actress was born in 1986 and tortoise pears and has also been exposed to gossip. Although two people differ in their 20 s, often date together, had to go to Paris to travel, two years later, the two sides announced the job is busy gathered from much less, split up in February 2008. But then there are media had said two people secret compound, the on-and-off fell in love and eventually ended in separation.

had Fried, over the years, media has never been photographed, in fact, two people with box.

turtle pear and also because many times by the interference of gossip and had to say & other; Mr Koizumi’s predecessors red, I haven’t born & throughout; This kind of words.

is true or not, everybody can see come out.

even milk Sun Lian, both of them are single, also understandable, but fall in love and married also sent a statement, Mr Koizumi’s aunt was not afraid of the minds.

a lot of net friend of Mr Koizumi intrude on the behavior of the family said the Japanese art world & other; Can the city play & throughout; , fans are disappointed


others hold a neutral attitude, all sorts of reasons, perhaps the husband wife don’t want to divorce, although separated for many years.


what’s surprising is that part of this support voice, said its brave


what do you think?