Men’s and women’s hair revealed that real temperament


body hair could reflect true temperament

1, long hair and thick

a man as well, is the symbol of the body strong, strong performance is very manly, and such a man will often win a woman’s heart.

2, hair scarce

if a man’s body is smooth like a woman, not only the lack of manhood, and less energy, there is a lot of understanding insufficient spare capacity and in the bedroom. If the person character violent, can be a dangerous man.

3, body hair thick

if women, people more enthusiasm initiative, desire is relatively strong; When falling in love with a man, will love very spoony, to die.

4, body hair is soft

this kind-hearted women, will others, even if the man I love is false to her, she will be faithful to him.

5, body hair hard, both xiao xu crimp

this female vindictiveness.

6, hair colour and lustre is yellow

if the hair is yellow color, as loss of the shipment. If ten to twenty years old and has grey hair, may have less than the body. In both cases, use the modern hairdressing technology, treatment or hair color, hair care too smooth and bright, help to improve shipping distance.

7, hair thick thick

in black and lustre moist hair is beautiful! If men hair thick thick, on behalf of the flesh, the body strong. Women with soft black hair is beautiful, and not too thick. Because the hair thick thick, both men and women, are toil, so called poor old phase; But today, there are many meters, doing things like the hands-on, just in the eyes of others is the toil. A man of this phase, hale and hearty personality, strong and decisive.

8, eyebrows are

if the eyebrows with sharp eyes, on behalf of good sense, courage enough to do things a lot of successful people have this feature.

9, eyebrows thin light

this kind of women’s mind more meticulous, methodical, but love to hide in the heart, also dare not even see loved ones, and thus affect the luck. Male, the lust heavier; If is thin to almost can’t see the eyebrows, the man is selfish, and emotional ups and downs is bigger, more difficult to get along with people.

10, thick thick eyebrows

eyebrows and make women with thick, rely on personality, lack of security, the parents brothers and sisters in love. If male, mild, passive, don’t like change sharply.