Men who have a such family background is the most popular with women

in the traditional concept of China since ancient times, old woman daughter-in-law together has been the relationship between the most subtle, most complex, skill, emotion is the most important social and important subject of the family. Especially those who are dating or even ready to love has certain daughter-in-law married, see some family in-law close as mother and daughter, and get along together seamlessly, such as fire and water, and some family in-law relationship potential incompatible with each other, hard to avoid heart uneasy, hope or even desire to be able to meet with tolerance kindness enlightened her mother-in-law, let they don’t have to.

women marry figure this

in fact, old woman daughter-in-law is their interaction between knowledge greatly, want to let her mother-in-law to yourself, you must first of all to be kind to her mother-in-law; , same as her mother-in-law, for the new family member, also should understand a truth, your daughter-in-law didn’t work, no affection natural kindness should be given, and, you should let the daughter-in-law fully feel the heart of your sincerity to accept.

usually, old woman daughter-in-law relation will have the following form, and the most suitable is the best way to get along with, can understand each other, mutual tolerance, mutual support relationship, old woman daughter-in-law is really a good old woman daughter-in-law relation.

a, as a friend. Between old woman daughter-in-law, though not as mother and daughter, also want to like friends respect, understand each other with compassion put yourself in the other side of the hard work, and give each other the space of life. Respect daughter-in-law can always consult the opinions of the mother-in-law, mother-in-law; Mother-in-law can also respect the daughter-in-law feelings, said inclusive daughter-in-law. When each have different opinions or views, need to be able to communicate properly, so to live in harmony.

2 type, such as mother and daughter. The best old woman daughter-in-law relation, like mother and daughter of intimacy. Other people’s daughter be your daughter-in-law, dwell under one roof, to eat with a pot of rice, you should see him as a like biological children, with the heart of understanding, caring love to treat daughter-in-law; Do daughter-in-law, also should see the mother-in-law as to serve as a mother, for her mother-in-law thoughtful, considerate, occasionally also can play the woman to him, and can always find her mother-in-law chat, talk about work, talk to, let the old woman daughter-in-law as mother and daughter going back and forth between, so can let the old woman daughter-in-law relation is more close.

three type, as the two sides. Some families mother-in-law like nicole Winfield, old woman daughter-in-law like the host and the guest is general, parted from each other, neither of quarrelling, also won’t see each other not pleasing to the eye, because it has a master can’t see the guest’s right? So each other should be polite not to be ignored, and often expressed thanks for each other. Something out of town, must inform destination; Away from home, can also bring a small gift, polite, respect each other, to get along.

4, shall be regarded as friends. Some mother-in-law will take your daughter-in-law as their baby son’s bitter rivals, think the woman is to with his son, rob property, grab the house; Daughter-in-law married to her mother-in-law home, also do not show the hard-working, humility, gentleness and kowtowing to mother’s side, will only give the command to the husband, or who is often tell her mother-in-law dispute much housework to do, or constantly criticizing her mother-in-law in front of Mr Is not good, try to speak ill of her mother-in-law, let the husband and son between old woman daughter-in-law is difficult to life.

5, plain style. Some mother-in-law daughter-in-law treatment will not be very deliberate, not deliberately polite, also won’t deliberately set out the mother-in-law of shelves, and will not use their own self-interest deliberately denigrate before son daughter-in-law, but with the attitude of ordinary people like to treat her, neither her as a foreign daughter-in-law, don’t take her as his daughter, but the relationship between each other is very easy, what say what, what do the housework together.

at the end of the day, the family is the continuation of our life, but also actively inheriting traditional morals and ethics, if can’t get along between the old woman daughter-in-law, how to play the meaning of family? Between the old woman daughter-in-law, such as can hope for the best in all things, to replace unnecessary dispute, so we can raise and lu, trust each other, each other according to stay, be a happy family. If the old woman daughter-in-law relation is bad, it’s hard to imagine her ability in dealing with the housework? It should be said that the vast majority of man to play around or have homesick complex, so clever woman should be put in a good old woman daughter-in-law relation in the first place.