Men sometimes the heart is very fragile

I know a friend for many years, this several days of mood is really bad, because the heart is very depressed, occasionally ask me out to drink a chat a day together. In the bar that night, he had to drink a little high, in the wine he complain to me, say these days has been and his wife stroppy, not for other, is not very well for his latest work, less money, and household spending is increasing, so she’s in a bad mood, nature is his face was very bad.

wages decline, my wife and I face offa

he’s wife is also very familiar with, I know man not bad, he is very kind, is to have strong vanity and aggressive personality, always be strong at home, although work hard but money is not much, the pillars of the home economy is basically rely on the husband, in the past, the husband to make money back, she can just listen to her husband a few words, now, when the husband revenues, her temper is naturally exposed, have & other; One hundred days throughout the ai & rich husband and wife; , easy to suffering.

in fact, the life that occupy the home, natural can’t be less money, because, much money although useless, but can let a person heart steadfast, nature also can bring more security to families, this is reality. However, if the couple quarreled for less money all day is also very hurt feelings. Want to know, can spend more money, less money is also can spend less. In our society, more is the income of a few hundred dollars a month to have common migrant workers, they live simple, eat simple food, simple clothes, smoke inferior cigarettes, although they live in a world in which we can’t imagine, but the vast majority of their life is simple is very happy?

as a result, whether the thought of a family’s life with happiness and joy, mainly depends on the attitude of the women of the family and the expectations of his men, if women claim to the life is simple, is the man of the heavy burden of the family is happy, to know every shoulder family burden men are hope to family happiness, carefree life.

if the woman has not been satisfied with their family living environment and quality of life and nature to the requirement of the husband will be very high, if the demand is high to the point of the husband cannot reach, family not harmonious situation is difficult to avoid, couples fight even before the divorce is not a rare case, because, without a man like the strong attitude and domineering woman, man always like birds in and gentle woman, like those who speak soft and always want to find a husband to woman, with slightly vanity woman like the gentle state of mind.

however, as the economic development and the improvement of quality of life, those around in the world that we live in the pursuit of high quality and high grade life more and more families to less satisfied with life’s simple woman.

I know his family situation, my friend don’t gamble or smoke, no bad habits, we usually said has been hard for domestic modernization and make unremitting efforts to struggle. A few years ago, as a result of friends have a good income every year, bought a big house more upscale community, also bought a second car, life good.

however, as a few years before the global financial crisis intensified, slowly also affected the friends of the company’s operating and they are the life of the gang, annual income fell to $ten thousand from hundreds of thousands of yuan, has been relatively wealthy family economy suddenly contracted, from then on, complaints were, the home is normal, became their family quarrel often display program.

look at wine to drink more and more friends, sad words to said more and more, I can only be advised him to take care of his body first, income is relatively high work can slowly find, any relationship with the improvement of family economic conditions, can also repair slowly, and once of their health problems, that is really what hope all have no!

I want to know, in the process of the global financial crisis is gradually deteriorating, around our life, in all parts of the world will have so many family family crisis, a couple of affection, the divorce of husband and wife.

tomorrow, I want to tell my friend’s wife, let her in her husband’s disappointment can be a bit more comfort, give him a little more understanding and support, complain less with more consideration and allowed him to cheer up as soon as possible in pain and lost days, as soon as possible out of the life the trough.

in 2018, I wish the friends can have a new hope, can come true!