Marry and have children of woman the most care about this matter


” 2018 Chinese female status quo survey published

according to the report, women 22% overall income lower than that of men, is largely due to the lack of advanced management. In the phase of examination, passive lose promotion the objective factors are still women different from men in the way of promotion of the biggest stumbling block. And 35.9% of women surveyed would be convenient to work as a key consideration of choosing work. Only 5% of the surveyed women believe & other; Marry well & throughout; Is mark success.

in 2018, zhaopin adopts sampling survey method, in 31 provinces of workers in different industries, different age groups has carried on the questionnaire survey. Recycling in more than 100000 valid samples. Forms through statistical analysis of the first “2018 Chinese women in the workplace”.

by survey, in recent years, women have been committed to in the workplace, have more say, and try to balance career and family.

however, the reality is that women’s time and time, whether it is work choose or family investment; Industry and jobs in the workplace by curing, and get different pay, lack of senior women; Women are more prone to job burnout, lack confidence in their ability and so on. Facing career dilemmas experienced by women, more in need of the society, enterprises and individuals work together, help women across the ceiling, to promote women’s career development.

& other; Commuting convenience & throughout; Primary consideration into career women

, according to a report from the women in the workforce, choose show traditional gender role of impression outside, destined to problem into be satisfactory to both work and home, especially in marriage women after starting a family, more highlight problem.

in job selection, the primary consideration is & other women in the workplace, Commuting convenience & throughout; And career men first consideration is & other; Can obtain the growth and development throughout the &; . From the women’s marital status, unmarried women consider in choosing a job have basic close to growth and the proportion of the commuting convenience, and convenient for commuting to married women appeal more strongly. Commuting convenience means it controlled or unavailable shorter commute every day.

, according to a report in the marriage as a watershed, although a certain degree of married men and women work every week long before the unmarried declined, but the gap between them is stable, men slightly more than 9% of women. Time to work every day for women, and no change, but need to spend more time for family, which means that at the limited time of the day, women want to do and can do things more, every second, compete with time.

22% less than men women month income promotion fatigue is the main reason

according to the survey, the whole, women’s average monthly income is 22% less than men, and in the general staff, the difference is not obvious.

to & other; Operating throughout the &; The proportion of men and women choose a career is relatively close to the station as an example. , according to data operation class stage, male and female income and no obvious difference, even women’s income is slightly higher than male, but the overall income of two groups, women are 21% less than men.

at the early stage, women and men can get the same basic treatment, but on the whole income inequality. From the point of view of rank, means that more men among the management job, salary got promoted, and more women are still stay in basic jobs.

in the survey, 73.8% of people think that their companies executives, mostly men, 75.2% believe department, manager level above most of the employees are men.

the survey found that companies with limited opportunities for advancement, and personal ability and experience shortage is still the crowd is widespread in the workplace. The difference is that in the phase of examination, passive lose promotion the objective factor is still the biggest obstacle to women different from men, is also the most difficult factors to solve.

in terms of women themselves, even a tarnished face for examination to make the workplace, also want to reduce the anxiety, don’t give up early to produce the shrinking of psychology. From the point of view of society, how to let a female fertility cost socialization, rather than through women themselves suffer discrimination in the workplace or forced to leave, is to explore the related policies and measures.

only 5% of women surveyed think & other; Marry well & throughout; Is successful women

face the predicament of subjective and objective in the women in the workplace, at the same time, we also want to see, women in the workplace has made great progress. According to the survey, women’s contribution to the family economy has reached 35%, while women’s income in addition to the more involved in improving the quality of life and family in the long-term development, investment in individual learning study also than men.

in the evaluation criteria of successful women, more than half of women chose & other; Have certain achievements in their field & throughout; . In 2016, in the same survey & other; Have their own attitude, don’t go with the flow & throughout; Or the first element. This suggests that women in gradually break the traditional idea & other Rely on & throughout; , & other Compliance & throughout; Label, to break from the family roles, hope to make greater achievements in business, set up the new image of the career field.

in addition, the net travels & other; Work is better than marry well & throughout; This idea, of these, only 5.4% of respondents think & other; To marry a good partner & throughout; Is one of the standard of successful women, in the end.