Marry a fat woman unknown seven benefits

introduction : fashion with thin for beauty, so when every man loves looking for a girlfriend sexy slender lead high. However, when marriage, while men preferred fat woman. Below small make up will give you say seven fat woman do wife happiness.

marry fat woman do the wife of seven happy place (canopy image: creative)

1, the fat woman sexual life quality relatively high

the UK & other; Secure channel & throughout; Company that has on 500 adult male in the investigation, it was found that 87% of men prefer curvy, plump women. These results have proved that some women plump, indeed will make the quality of both the male and the female sex has obviously improved.

for women, fat cells, means that can produce more estrogen, is this woman sexuality & other; Engine & throughout; That enhance their sexual demand, more active in sexual life, sexual stimulation feel will be more intense. It can help women to achieve sexual excitement, faster and better sex life. Their chest and hip is worthy of love peak valley, almost all artists have noticed that the two parts bring how many inspiration and creativity. The man’s art world cannot lack of them.

2, fat woman security men

fat woman psychology to bear ability is also very good, the sense that gives a person has a kind heart, don’t have much of his reckoning. Fat woman easy to be satisfied, and know how to cherish, not too easy for his men cuckolded.

3, makes a man fat woman do the wife face

a little fat woman looks have riches and honour, and fat woman has a prosperous phase, a man who don’t have the ability can’t give the wife a happy life, and the fat woman certainly make a lot of people believe that she is good at home. A woman body fat, in the understanding of outsiders must be the woman’s life is very good, live at home, so a man in his own relatives and friends with the wife, there is a lot of face.

4, rice-producing, nice personality

laugh and grow fat is fat. Fat women usually have a good personality, rice-producing, carefree. Just to watch them fat body can feel their joy, their optimistic to the life of many difficult and confidence to the life of the rough. They all bad things are slow heart, for all the good things have sensitive heart. Marry such a woman at home, the old man is glad, and friends who, men can solve a lot of trouble.

5, gentleness docile, down-to-earth

fat woman is very good and dependable, they don’t what to go for a comparison with others. Fat woman is clear, the appearance is the capital of the most unreliable. So they don’t get busy than rich climbing, more gentle and good character. Because they don’t dispute, less desire, so they are one-girl, rarely the inconsistency. The woman let a man feel steadfast.

6, the life is very exquisite details

fat woman the biggest advantage is to the man in life care, fat woman must be very like to eat or eat is to understand the people, so they will carefully screen your own menu, to satisfy her husband’s dinner. And, the most practical is bed will make a man feel very warm, fat woman fat thickness, the temperature is high; For a lazy man, a fat woman wife do housework cook. And the woman as fat, also will be particularly care about man, meet a good man will be very anxious to pour out my heart out.

7, strong

fat woman’s body is good, strong body, can take care of the home, men, old man, is beneficial to the child.