Married women five secrets of the heart

guide language: 1 & other; Men are from Mars, women are from Venus & throughout; , the differences between men and women. So many husband to understand women’s psychology, below we together to understand the married woman’s little secret in my heart, to let the husband more understanding of each other. DetailPic

married women inner five secrets

1. The female to yue oneself person look

as long as your marriage did not appear problem, the wife dressed beautifully and is sure to give the husband see, this should not have a need to question the problem, but sometimes the man’s psychology is also very strange, my wife is a slovenly yellow face shiva, men will feel lose face; The wife too beautiful dress, again afraid the wife have second thoughts. If a man have no confidence and petty, is very terrible. If the men come up to 1: acid not & other; Who wear such a beautiful look to & throughout; For the most part, women back to the sentence: & other You tube wear? & throughout; Fact, most of the time a woman is, indeed, duplicity, a woman won’t wear to show you, because in the face of a fool, the woman will not mention it to you.

2. Is the palm of your hand forever treasure

a woman no matter how successful career, how tough appearance, inside has a gentle heart, whether large or small women, no matter in what kind of age, or desire to be your husband always loved to caress. Women after the child, may spend most of the energy in children, this does not mean that women do not love her husband, if by this time the man because of the sense of loss was estranged from his wife are so should not be. That song written well, until we are too old to where also can’t go, you still treat me like a hand in the mind of the treasure.

3. The old woman daughter-in-law problem, want you to get a little comfort

there are contradictions between old woman daughter-in-law or unpleasant, man heart know their mother is doing some wrong, but privately, even in the face of the wife when alone or choose silence, this is the passage of time a woman will put a lot of complaints are passed on to the man on the head. Women were no man as a manic, her mother-in-law is her husband’s mother, a woman is not a true man to condemn yourself what mom, just want to get a little comfort of men, to amuse oneself of the wife, maybe is old mama disloyalty unfilial to yourself?

4. Received your gift, is a kind of happiness

actually in some special days, can receive a gift from the husband is a very happy thing, has nothing to do with gift is fundamental, is intentional and unintentional. At the time of birthday or anniversary, a bunch of flowers or a box of candy, a woman even if don’t say what, in your mouth will be permeated with a happy smile on his face.

5. Back, hope you can go to

every man in the pursuit of the woman, go to the future mother-in-law home to toil, during that period, and they were afraid to also can not find an excuse to come, but after married, especially after years of marriage, many men do not like to go to the mother-in-law home, may be no incentive.