Lived through many men be complete without a woman?

guide language: a woman lived in the center of life usually at least six men, they are:

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1, the father.

the status of the father in his daughter’s heart forever is irreplaceable, the vast majority of the girl always put father in all men’s first, until he finally disappeared in the daughter’s life will not end. Father, in girl’s life will always be an indispensable part of his father’s shoulders, is daughter can always rely on support.

2, the first lover.

the first love is the most memorable good life, love is also the most can let a person forget, no matter the girl finally decided and who together, her heart a corner always has an exclusive domain of the first love, because is the first love, because be puppy love, because have regret, so my heart will always be left his mark.

3, like object.

this is a beautiful woman imagination, not only woman, because she wanted to own this relationship for a long time, she deeply know, this good can only remain silent guardian and always remember, it is hard to draw a perfect full stop only feelings, is a woman to love dreams of the beautiful, as long as it is good to have that feeling.

4, husband.

as long as the woman get married, will be in the body of the husband for life, with her husband for days. Since then, a woman’s heart and live with him, that piece of heaven and earth never changed with time. The vast majority of women will be loyal to their husband, because he is the sunshine of my life.

5, son.

a woman for a man will only devotes all his life of love, the man is her son, in the face of the man, the woman can love without reservation, in love with no regrets. Because is their children, from their body drop down of meat, so more will be eternal love, love beyond everything, love makes no sense.

6, soulmate.

women are eager to have such a person in his heart, he doesn’t like the lover of greed, he has a friend’s care, some words, can’t and husband says, can talk to him, he won’t because of his chatter and a bored expression. The vast majority of women do not change or empathy for no apparent reason.

these six men women heart, doesn’t mean they not single-minded to the love, but their heart, and also make their life more rich and satisfactory.