Limit the husband spend money is domestic violence

about domestic violence, a lot of people will think of the harm such as kicking and beating behavior. In fact, domestic violence is not only these, also includes spiritual attack or abuse, etc. Domestic abuse concealment due to the strong, few outsiders that the parties are not even aware that he is such a traveler of domestic violence.

limit husband spend money is domestic violence

how to distinguish the domestic abuse? Today, we tell 3 cases, hope everybody can find the answer.

his wife only to 1000 monthly allowance, he felt very depressed

citizens liang zhang (not his real name) and his wife, married for two years, the child is born last year. His wife asked zhang to hand over his pay check, the reason is that he spend more at ordinary times, after the child is born, cost must increase, worried about making ends meet. To pay check, after his wife give zhang liang 1000 yuan a month allowance. Not too long, zhang liang experience & other; No money, the in the mind to panic & throughout; Feeling.

he also like before, occasionally and friends go out to eat a meal, buy a game card, to buy a smoke, the result that more than half a month 1000 yuan pocket money is spent. He stretched out his hand to his wife for money and scolded his wife and he’s not family. Zhang liang is very depressed, wife, I think it is for his domestic violence. To that end, he quarreled with his wife and several mouth, two people often fall into the cold war, the relationship is less.

citizens tao gang (not his real name) was also his wife limit consumption, his wife gave him 100 yuan only pocket money each week, but he enjoy it. Tao gang said, the wife have very strong personalities, things are basically in the home wife calls the shots. His monthly wages all handed in, and then his wife would give him 100 yuan pocket money every week. However, if he unexpectedly didn’t have enough money, he can to his wife, his wife can give. Done & other; in this, The shopkeeper of cutting & throughout; Tao gang do not have any discomfort, is happy at leisure.

the lawyer says:

liang zhang, tao gang and his wife get along with mode are common in our daily life, is domestic violence?

the lawyer at Sue villages considered weihai hamming, pocket money every month for her husband regulation, domestic abuse, this way is not the economic management of every family in a different way, is the husband and wife get along mode. If want to rise to the level of domestic violence, it is to see the way to her husband. Some husband overhead is very small, work, eat all need not spend money, have no other consumption, may be in weihai 500 yuan a month is not used, the then confiscated pay check limit pocket money, is not a domestic violence. If like liang zhang, his wife confiscate the pay check, restrictions on consumption, affect his life, let liang zhang feel controlled, the relationship has suffered accordingly, this is where a domestic violence.

ignored his wife and children, at home & other; Wooden & throughout;

not long ago, the court ruled that the citizens wang fang (a pseudonym) and her husband liu (a pseudonym) divorced. In fact, no sharp contradiction between two people. With wang fang’s words, she can’t stand her husband perennial indifference to her, regardless of the child, the family is not responsible for.

before marriage liu away at work, have a get along very good first love girlfriend, but in his parents’ urging, he and his girlfriend back to weihai, and introduced wang fang to get married. Wang fang has a good family, marriage, liu to start the business with the help of his wife’s family, but business has been tepid. Liu always felt like a & other; Inserted down the door & throughout; Son-in-law, is very depressed. With liu heart has the love, life little concern for his wife, also communicate with his wife, often sleeping with his wife. After you have children, to children’s education is not.

liu domestic violence to his wife, finally break the marriage. Wang fang intolerable liu’s attitude to himself and his family, and he is divorced.

the lawyer says:

& other; Learn to communicate, is the password to a happy family. Throughout the &; For what had happened to wang fang, Sue villages to explain, in fact not completely innocent party in the marriage problems. A lot of the cause of domestic violence is often lies in the communication, and language communication is the most important means of communication, if silence, do not blindly exchange between husband and wife, over time, the gap is more and more serious, eventually rise cold for difficult to reconcile family violence and broken relationships.

at the same time, from the legal level, because of a mentally threaten the other side, lead to the other party to fear, the act constitutes a mental violence, the victim shall have the right to require the violence party for compensation for mental damage. The couple was sentenced to divorce because of domestic violence, the victim shall have the right to require the violence party for compensation for mental damage.

dowries to much, resentment of her father regardless

after the court mediation, zhang (not his real name) final alimony to my father 400 yuan a month, and went to visit my father once a month.

Zhang Huayou two brothers and a sister, married with the family circumstances is bad, coupled with the rural tradition, parents just don’t give her a lot of dowry, but for the two brother prepared a house.

many years after her mother died, my father is more than 80, it’s time for a child support. But zhang believes that their parents didn’t give up when they get married a lot of dowry, and now her husband age also not small, also have no fixed work, therefore, in terms of the father, she often push to take off, let elder brother younger sister take care of his father. Her except holidays occasionally go home to visit his father and the father is basically regardless, father let zhang home for many times, she did not respond. His father was very sad for this, the body also becomes not so good.

see zhang always shuffle the support obligation, is unfair on other children, zhang hua’s father had the children call together to discuss how to distribute their parents-in-law, zhang refused to show up, just tell her also proposed to the court, the court sentencing, she is how to do it. In contrast, zhang hua’s father took her to court.


Sue villages said, in recent years, he took over the increase in the number of the case of children to support their parents in, children do not support their parents is also a kind of domestic violence. In addition to the material, spiritual cold violence, such as children indifferent old man, will talk to a minimum. Family of cold violence is actually a kind of emotional abuse, if the children of parents cold violence, the old man often painful, but don’t want to complain or public, lest affect their children.

& other; Law can only mandatory, really want to make both sides each other from the heart, still need to communicate. Throughout the &; Sue villages that both parents should sit down and openly to each other’s problems, many memories for ever happy past, let the soul can review each other warm.


the city women’s federation warns a citizen, legal advisory offices staff in after I get home, should seek help from r (village) committee, women’s federation organization. If the injured, taken injured area should be preserved, the local police station within 24 hours, and examination form, and then to the designated hospital examination. If the injury is serious, may apply to the relevant authorities for identification. Records once resorting to law, police station, the examination records, the hospital diagnosis, photographs, and so on all can be used as evidence of domestic violence.

in addition, after suffering domestic violence, can be sued to the court, shall be investigated for criminal liability of person responsible.

you can also apply to the court for personal safety protection. In 2016, the municipal intermediate people’s court issued the weihai city intermediate people’s court of family violence & other personal safety protection order & throughout; implementing rules (try out) “. Court accepts the application for safety protection will be made within 72 hours or personal safety protection order shall be rejected. Emergency situation, will be made within 24 hours.

citizens apply for personal safety protection, the people’s court for no charge. The validity of the personal safety protection order no more than 6 months, effective from the date of making.

of domestic abuse shelter against the fresh

our city as early as 2005 set up anti-family violence shelter, in 2010, the shelter moved to city aid station. Yesterday, reporters learned that, in recent years, the shelter is fresh.

according to staff, salvation administer station, at the beginning of its establishment shelter, occasionally there are women who experience domestic violence to seek help, but in recent years, this kind of situation is less. Staff think, shelter against cold, mainly because of domestic abuse shelter against the public not to understand, on the other hand, there are some women think it’s an ill bird that fouls its own nest after encounter family violence, reluctant to seek asylum, and men afraid of affected children, want to go.

& other; Despite the current to shelter not many people to seek help, but we all security measures to prepare very perfect. Throughout the &; City staff of the relief stations, victims of domestic violence to shelter in a bid to seek asylum, in addition to provide accommodation for them here, can also according to its individual apiration, contact women’s federation, health, judicial departments, providing assistance in many aspects. To the injured people because of domestic violence, the city in a timely manner to the relief stations into fixed-point hospital, and comply with the justice department to identify the injury. null