Lie to his wife go to Shanghai RenFu small three Japanese honeymoon 1 photo get caught

clues to show! Taiwan’s new north city zhang man went to study in a university in 2013, thus meet summer female classmates, appearance beautiful, a man not married the hot pursuit of identity, also filmed during the 2 people more short period of cheat; In June 2015, a man told his wife he on a business trip to Shanghai to ningbo to handle matters relating to real estate, but secretly with summer female to Japan kansai small love to travel, in order to win his wife, pictures of male still spread over to ningbo to the sham as the genuine, but eagle-eyed wife found her husband wearing shirts intact lying in the home, the whole affair so exposed.

bring summer female acquitted of trial, she refuses to appeal; High court judges think zhang wife this time has been more than six months duration, so cancel the first-instance judgment, brought to public prosecution is not to accept the entire case. (figure/reporter the seasonal Confucianism was taken)

the prosecution investigation, a male and female for a university in the summer of on-the-job refresher class classmate, because summer female temperament conspicuous and appearance beautiful, a man not married myself, unbeknown to his wife, quietly to xia female hot pursuit, 2 people then. During the period of 2 people, a male also many times and in the summer of the female sex, and filmed video, a cheat. & have spent

she said, her husband came back to her summer often female, but she always thought two people just friends relationship, so not to pay attention to, until June 13, 2015, a man said to her going on a business trip to Shanghai ningbo to handle matters relating to real estate, but go abroad the next day her husband back to the photo that evidence is greatly in ghosts, because in the picture shirt, worn by the husband didn’t take to go abroad, lay still intact in the wardrobe in the home. & have spent

she thinks by cheating, finely summer after recalling think women are the most suspicious, still make a phone call to the xia female company proof, also found on the same day with her husband to go abroad in the summer, and the destination is Japan kansai, zhang wife so doubt husband cheat, back her to enjoy the honeymoon with summer women go abroad, but she still quietly, until her husband returned home after she slipped through the passport, if found her husband didn’t go to Shanghai, but to Japan kansai. A man has seen the spread, can no longer hide, so had to admit he is associate with women in the summer of more than two years, she was so angry denunciation 2 people & other Think back to be with her more than two years, how many times have you said to me lie? Fool me how many times? Throughout the &; Angry for 2 people suggested that hinder the family to tell, but then softhearted, withdraw to tell to her husband, only female in the summer of a lawsuit. & have spent

summer female accomplices accounts that when a male hot pursuit, she had asked zhang & other; Whether the single & throughout; , but zhang was denied, so she can expand their association, did not know she was involved in small three others marriage; To this, a male suggests two people dialogue records, through the LINE earlier told said he has been married, but in the summer of female did not read a reply. & have spent

2017 Taipei court of first instance verdict, the judge found the evidence to prove that summer proposed a male female aware of their status married, and on the other hand, zhang xia female male also billed more than 100 ten thousand yuan, summer also a civil lawsuit request return; The judge therefore think zhang male presented the evidence of qualms, acquitted in the summer of female. & have spent

a wife can’t accept it, after that results appeal again. High court judge that a wife early on November 2, 2015, we have two strong evidence of infidelity, but late on May 11, 2016, to put forward told; Collegial panel that perverts family is told you, and told the man in accordance with the law shall be made within 6 month told, zhang wife this time already overdue, obviously not to accept the ruling according to law; The trial judge did not take care of this case, the overdue v. after conditions are lacking, still make summer female innocence the entity of a sentence, to also have, cancel the first-instance judgment, therefore, to public prosecution is not to accept the entire case.