Learn to understand a man wo n 11 advice to the woman

guide language: about less than 5% of the Chinese girl can is very understand men. Most can be said to be the dark, or quite far wrong. The reason is that they either actual contact with men too little; Either by misleading too much. They don’t like rational summary and thinking, so only the wrong conclusion from the limited experience.

to learn to understand a man wo n the 11 advice for women

1, should be more cool.

instead of impending nuptials, begged, than take time to look pretty packed and pays photogenic, even like the boy see a lot of other men is the pursuit of their own. Man is like this, a woman’s suitor, the more the more I think she is attractive.

2, rather than to a person emotionally constantly pay, rather than spend more time trying to improve their appeal.

a man of feeling, don’t like women so much.

3, should have more date, less to go to bed (or other intimate contact).

let a man feel have a chance to catch up with you, but can not get. The most can lift the man’s appetite. Men generally choose pursuit objective is: among those interested in goal to choose a most likely to catch up with.

so create opportunities and the type of wrap himself as a man interested in is the two elements of popular women. If a man get easily, usually will soon tired of. So, don’t literally go to bed, if necessary, let him taste a little sweet.

4, extensive cultivation, don’t hang in a tree.

to believe three toad of leg not seek, two legs of the man and the land is. Through party, fellowship, dating, a net friend, marriage bureau, etc., many contacts conditions suitable male friends (of course, you must learn to protect themselves, pay attention to safety).

it’s useless to dream light sitting at home, only by constantly practice to combine theory with practice and gradually increase their IQ in love. Every day boring in purdah, prince waiting to be discovered, the probability and the lottery.

5, the key points of chasing boys; not die to tie up lousy dozen of.

if a girl like a boy, suggested that are the most efficient way. Blatant profession is not a good idea, everyone will face this was refused, and the girl will appear very drop!

suggested can be often regards, often go around, but want to keep a certain distance, showing their own advantages, so in the usual communication can get to know each other. If the man is not a fool, or not too shy, the time is right he would do with you! If a man if it is a special introverted, when are you sure he likes you, you can do with him directly.

6, more communication, more listening, more know each other need anything, don’t take it for granted, wishful thinking, kind do bad things.

a man and a woman are two very different animals, the two get along with almost every moment in the misunderstanding. Especially in the case of both sides feel good, is very common to outdo each other because of anger. A lot of times, it is pride and prejudice destroyed a rare fate.

most girls don’t know much about the reasonable and the rational communication, often show the unruly wayward, narrow-minded, or even impossible. Occasionally a few strong interpersonal communication skills, also most is plain. Better the condition of women often have a kind of wrong, think to fall in love should be a men chase women, spoil a woman, coax a woman, I knew there is no need to cater to the other party. There are a lot of women think elegant taste, temperament, but completely don’t understand a man, also not put shelves and man communication, destined to narcissistic, crowds.

actually good at communication in the importance of the relationship between men and women, far more than the so-called taste and temperament. So, if you can do both physical attractiveness, and understanding man, good at communication, basic is invincible in the man there.