Lay people who do not cherish their, don’t be humble be equal love

I Han Wei falling in love with her boyfriend for five years, I am a year older than he. When I knew him when I was 25, I now be thirty, but he want to marry me mean nothing. Just fall in love in that moment, he said he is a career, want to work with, so I will not get married this thing on the tooling. But for so many years, he rose from a small clerk to management, salary has turned over many times than before, but still did not even mention the mouth of the marriage.

end people who do not cherish their, love don’t be humble be equal

it after many days, Han Wei did not take the initiative to contact me, or even to marry me. I finally realized that this time, no matter what I do, he and I couldn’t back to the former. I also know that even the day of the marriage, I do fail. Although is coming I want results, even in the dream actually the truth is very mess.

this time, I finally wake up, the feelings of the years between the Han Wei and I decided to take a break. Woman, still want to own independent, don’t too dependent on men, more don’t put all hope in men. If form this character, once man cruel to leave you, you will beyond redemption, I cannot stand any longer.

in order not to let oneself become so poor, I are slowly awakening. Although this process can be very painful, hard, but I found that everything is worth it, left the man who do not cherish me, I’m slowly getting better. Not that I don’t believe in love, I am just disappointed in the man. When I met for their own people, I still will have a better than anyone!

before know him, I imagined when he will have an own family. But now look at the people around me have the other half, I still lonely, hard to avoid some of the acidity in heart. I’ve asked Han Wei, why he hasn’t made up his mind to marry me. He told me that he wants to be a little harder, give me a better life. Before, I was a little girl when I heard he said these words, the in the mind is very sweet, think he is a responsible man, will have such a plan for our future. When getting older, but now hear these words but still feel a little hollow.

but I’m very strange, Ming know Han Wei deliberately trying to avoid this problem, I still don’t want to give up this relationship. To face my parents, I still have some guilt, feel failed to live up to their expectations. So I was determined to give himself and Han Wei last chance, if he is not sure this time, I decided to forget him, again how pain is to start a new life.

I was alone went to a wedding dress shop and bought a wedding dress for me. Will Han Wei about during the weekend come out to see a movie, I’m not shy, wearing a wedding dress and going to buy good ring, after I had proposed Han Wei oriented in front of all the people around you! Yes, I take the initiative to propose to Han Wei, regardless of the girl’s reserved. Han Wei how also did not expect, he will encounter this kind of situation, he was surprised that I would be married in order to do this.

the people around you don’t know what happened between him and her, I only see a girl in front of the people for the boy to marry him. Most people are holding the goodwill in echo, as & other; Promised her and promised her & throughout; The cries of more and more high, Han Wei feel some slots assigned mesa. He can only just hug me, patted me on the shoulder, will my hand ring joint in the past, put on for me. That day, I got I want result, but I know that it is not perfect.