Kitty zhang divorce after getting the goddess: women who have a mind more wonderful

guide language: at the beginning of 2016, Kitty zhang by “mermaid” inside the abdomen black female President of excellent performance, popularity rose again, become the focus of people talk about. All the people were amazed: Kitty zhang figure is too good, too sexy. In fact, Kitty zhang is the chest is big, bigger.

Kitty zhang sexy appearance” mermaid “


at the age of 22, Kitty zhang with Stephen chow movie in a corner in the” Yangtze river seven “female teachers and overnight success. Since becoming & other; Star girl & throughout; Later, her next film, endorsements, price soared, was signing Stephen chow the splendor of the company.

but later because the contract turned out to Stephen, after no exchanges. Later, Kitty zhang will take “director” white deer “once small moths rested, this role let her success Berlin film festival best actress nomination, and she is married to more than 20 years older than his director wang quan ‘an. Later, we all know, wang quan ‘an whoring are caught, Kitty zhang and wang quan ‘an divorce.

in 2004, the Hong Kong film and TV mogul Charles heung wife generosities donator because of dissatisfaction with an article with the relevant network of Stephen chow, Stephen chow five deadly SINS, more pull out Andy lau was saying and Stephen chow & other; Previously, now, the future & throughout; It will not be friends. But Kitty zhang at New York fashion week, the media asked Stephen chow, has been in a contract dispute with each other but she speak maintenance: & other; Super good, others took care of me, he is the director of the work is earnest, is also a professional actor. People with character, is a genius. There may be a lot of people have a misunderstanding to him, and guide and play will encounter many problems, so it doesn’t matter. Throughout the &;

here, have to praise for Kitty zhang’s emotional intelligence point, had to Kitty zhang mind some praise. At the time of ten thousand people on Stephen chow, she chose to support. Stephen chow is her bole, is her noble. When she backed Stephen chow, and demonstrates her gratitude not ungrateful.

at the same time, why did and Stephen chow, and is now backed xing ye? At the age of 22, lionized by Stephen chow, with “Yangtze river seven” and “woman is not bad” fame, unavoidably youthful complacency, Stephen chow has harsh place in contract, plus she thought a new backer, so she turned against bold and Stephen chow.

just, leave after Stephen chow, she experienced marriage and divorce, she also made a lot of drama, she is mature, the perspective of higher and further. And that sentence & other; People with character, is a genius. Throughout the &; This words say very objective, does not shy from Stephen chow’s eccentric personality, but the focus is on the back of the those three words & other; Is a genius & throughout; . Just think, Stephen chow to hear that, absolutely is a warm heart. After all, everyone about genius is understanding and tolerant attitude, will put up with the character shortcomings and defects.

when everyone black chow, for Stephen chow down, Kitty zhang did not fall, but by Stephen chow. Maybe, because of the move to make her relationship with Stephen chow is improved.

later, Stephen chow at the time of “mermaid” casting to her invitation, Kitty zhang without thinking. Two people smile life, so there is a “mermaid” of the partnership. Kitty zhang became the film one of the biggest highlights of the success, this is her in her career after divorce the most proud of the best.

imagine if Kitty zhang and Stephen chow’s grievances are still grappling with in the past, and Stephen chow silos, so this time, she may not cause be xinfeng, climbing more talk less than from a divorced women into the sexy goddess of universal love.