Japan forty percent of couples in asexual marriage: trouble don’t have time

guide language: and sex, marriage, of course, a long time together, in real life, however, it does exist from the marriage of the sex. The implications for modern people’s body and mind how?

Japan forty percent of couples in asexual marriage: trouble don’t have time to

Japan sexual science is put forward in 1994 & other; Asexual couple & throughout; This concept, it is pointed out that more than a month didn’t happen between husband and wife sex life, and this state will continue in the future, can be regarded as sex couples. Today, this phenomenon does not reduce in Japan, has intensified. Statistics show that in 2002, Japan belong to this group, 31.9% of couples rose to 34.6% in 2006, and 2012 already amounted to 41.3%.

this is by no means unique to Japan, Europe and America region also have similar to happen. What about us? If there are asexual marriage, the implications for modern people’s body and mind how? Sex in the people’s university of China, director of the institute of sociology pan, & other; A pair of conjugal love of husband and wife, unless a physical problem, won’t asexual, and usually sex life will be more harmonious. Throughout the &;

pressure cause & other; Half-heartedly & throughout;

according to Japanese media reports, Japan asexual marriage is rising year by year, the proportion of the fertility rate has been falling, too. And the public impression of the Japanese porn industry developed in conflict is that the Japanese is not as keen on sex, people think of instead, a lot of people was plagued with sex apathy. In 2005, a survey of 600 married women, 26% of people have been more than a year without sex, a separate survey in 2007, the proportion of asexual marriage also has 35%. A clinic, the doctor said she receives more than 200 married women, some even after 20 years of asexual marriage & ndash; Most of these women don’t want to divorce.

due to the Japanese porn industry developed, let everybody have an illusion, think that the Japanese about sex are interested in. This is not the case, however. Media reports, Japan’s young people is not so important, even the trouble.

Japan marriage expert thinks, there are three reasons lead to the asexual marriage & other; Flood & throughout; . The first is stressed. It is well known that Japanese men need to earn money for the family, the work pressure of nature. In Tokyo, Osaka and other regions, one to the wine house after work are men of the world. Drink enough home just after bath, eat, sleep, for nightlife & other husband and wife; Half-heartedly & throughout; . Very not easy on weekends, all kinds of entertainment was to follow, have a little spare time is mostly used to sleep, no time and love together. Wife, even with discontent, in view of the cultural pressures and sense of shame, they also is very difficult to open.

in addition, is knows that Japan is a typical roles in the world. Men dominance of marriage, they are responsible for making money, wife at home with all kinds of things. Over time, less communication, feeling light, the body’s natural also difficult to cooperate.

finally is everyone happy point, Japanese porn industry developed, the male physiological requirements can be solved by the porn industry. About this, there was a psychological reader survey human sexual behavior. Investigation focused on viewing Internet pornography and the link between the frequency of sex, sexual satisfaction. However, as a result, less with one seemed to mind. Although often some claim problems arising from the exposure to Internet porn and sex, but from the point of statistics, the number of pornography and sexual contact and no correlation between satisfaction. Watching porn and no relation with the frequency of sex.

of course, this is not to say that exposure to pornography is completely healthy for everyone. , for example, some people will watch every day hundreds of pornographic video and photo and unable to extricate themselves, and thus may replace their sex lives, and create problems for their relationship. This is a problem.