India frequent “rob the groom” : the bride and groom can’t afford to give a dowry armed force to marry

the western media, according to local police, according to the northern Indian state happened in 2017, 3404 cases of kidnapping case single men forced them to get married. Although the problem is often forced to marry Indian women face, but there are also many men kidnapped forced marriage. Poverty, the woman’s family to provide a dowry tradition makes this phenomenon in bihar intensified.

here’s the bride can’t afford to give a dowry, armed forced the groom to marry

according to Spanish newspaper el pais web site reported on February 6th, & other; Kidnapping married in bihar has been in a state of out of control & hellip; & hellip; Most of the wedding is the groom was gun persecuted or him or his family life threatened state held throughout the &; Bihar, a police officer 4, told local media. In January 2017, patna, bihar’s capital an engineer’s wedding video on national television, in the video the bridegroom howled, whining that they were a group of gunmen kidnapped, made him ready and as the bridegroom to attend the wedding.

according to the report, it is not the case, have the bihar government data to prove it. Were kidnapped in 2016, the state about 3070 young men married, in 2014 there are 2500 men become the victims of the bad habits, and in 2009 this kind of case report number only about 1337 cases.

in the kidnapping of marriage phenomenon in eastern uttar pradesh and adjacent to the bihar is most concentrated in the western conference. Both social and economic development lags behind, the lack of infrastructure, poverty, cultural level is low, endemic corruption, makes the social bad habits such as entrenched caste discrimination and wedding dowry.

according to the report, because of backward economy, few families can bear the burden of high in-laws require a dowry. Daughters married under the pressure, the woman’s relatives and friends found kidnapping married method.

the country crime investigation agency in 2015, according to the latest report according to national statistics, bihar kidnapping, most boys under the age of 18 cases were kidnapped in 2015, the state of the young lads have aged 18 to 30, 1096 people, 17% of India’s national such kidnappings.

bihar, police said on February is a traditional Indian wedding ritual, they will remain on high alert, prevent kidnapping case of marriage.