In modern times, why don’t kiss between relatives

1, why now relatives such as GuJiu auntie, don’t kiss?

in the contemporary, why don’t close relatives between

a: our country is human society, but has a change trend to the strange society, because people love more and more money, more and more selfish. In the process of maintaining relation, at best, is at the feast when aunt and GuJiu meet, usually, if the other party not weddings, funerals, basically does not walk, even a phone call didn’t bother to play. Even if the other party is ill in hospital, is also a courtesy visit once in a while. Indifference between people for relatives, the explanation is: everyone is very busy. In fact, I think people a lot in life at leisure time. These at leisure time is used to maintain the interest relationship chain, do not put the relationship between the maintenance and relatives into his own account, unless, that is, there are some relatives have use value. We treat the relative indifference, so, natural feedback to our relatives is also cold.

2, first-tier cities talent full in recent years, competition in difficulties, some second-tier cities to & other; Rob & throughout; Talent, sold to the room, give money, registered to the preferential policy, if you, you will choose expression & other; High cold & throughout; First-tier cities, or choose to open the door and smiling the mainstream of the second-tier cities?

a: everyone’s attitude towards life is different, if the first-tier cities is phoenix, someone willing to do Chinese brake; If it’s second – and third-tier cities is cock, someone willing to do the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. As far as I’m concerned, probably grew up in a small city, or your current income is not enough to let himself in the first-tier cities to buy a house, with such & lsquo; Lack of confidence & rsquo; State of mind, let me very exclusive, the first-tier cities can be understood as my mind belongs to eat less than grapes, total suspicion acid. Speak really, every time when working in Beijing or Shanghai, I in addition to do serious business, basically won’t walk in the downtown area of Beijing or Shanghai, or can’t carry the crowded and busy. Therefore, my view is that if lucky become a member of the first-tier cities, the lucky enough to be plundered the talented person, I would to second – and third-tier cities of the olive branch to relinquish first-tier cities.

3, see face, looks pretty worthwhile?

a: can manifest its value by a variety of channels, long good-looking just a shortcut to more easily, there are some women because of the high level of appearance finally married rich man, there are some handsome man because daughter a spoony, met a negative. But there is no appearance, levels of men and women aren’t going to the facial plastic surgery? Answer: can’t, will continue to do the appearance, but the leaves of high level people. However, green leaves also has its own charm, for example, can by successful career to improve their own charm. Like, ma greatly, not handsome, but, a few people full of respect to him? For example, you can through the personality charm to improve their own charm. Life would be like, there will be some man although ugly, but because of its generous kindness and a sense of humor, can draw a lot of contacts for himself.

4, greed is a person’s Achilles’ heel, because at that time the greed, miss what do you do?

a: has time to travel, residence and the place where I wandered about a standing ground, because of the day’s walk can be a bit tired, so want to ride back to the apartment. At that time, the selection of transportation includes: bus and taxi. In the end, I in order to save a few bucks, chose to take the bus. Embarrassing things happened: thousands of dollars to buy mobile phones, is to arrange the thief away. After the event, very regret, and appeared in my mind if that if I had more alert to some of the good; If the option with a dozen dollars it is so good to take a taxi? Life, there will always be in some time to make some greed, greed namely showed state of mind, but sometimes it will be staged, pound-foolish results. For this reason, people in the life must be learnt to be satisfied with, and a little a bit better to oneself, otherwise, will probably return loss.

5, as a city people, can you accept to marry to the countryside or marry a wife?

a; And see our parents or grandparents, how many not through KaoXue, a soldier, business, and from the countryside; Or, to urban and rural reform, and some of them are finally become city people. They are able to take root in the city, or through their own efforts, let oneself become a city; Or, married to a girl like to marry to his city. Want to ask, and their life worse? To do this, don’t use rural or urban to constraint of love. If both sides together some chat, or think the other is potential shares, or willing to struggle for the future, along with each other, or to each other while in the countryside, but in the city have their own business, why not marry him? The ordinary people in the city a catch a lot, don’t feel to have what advantage, so, when choosing a marriage partner, don’t feel superior.