If you didn’t a male guest started seven years honesty tell your faults

guide language: if you are the one started seven years have WuLiuQianWei male contestants on the stage, if this week, the host morphy called it for seven years, in the face of their own shortcomings this problem & other; No one ever honest answer & throughout; . DetailPic

if started seven years not a male guest honesty tell your shortcomings

every year holiday when traveling to hide & other; Bear relatives & throughout;

male guest peng-fei ma this year 26 years old, not only love food, more will be dessert as their career. After graduating from college, he learned to make dessert, is now the largest at the manager of the classroom, good at Japanese and fruit and all kinds of western-style dessert. The scene, he also brought the female guests warmly homemade dessert. Female guests have said, & other; Particularly liked to do food of boy! Throughout the &; Many girls initiative.

peng-fei ma don’t like being traditional etiquette, at the feast will go out to travel, & other; To Singapore to Europe such as Christmas, Halloween, this a few years didn’t at home for the holiday, my parents also very mind, but I am an individual, filial piety should not be superficial. Throughout the &; Listen to this, the scene. Some women think, & other; As long as parents and children all feel comfortable with each other, also it doesn’t have to be home with my parents during Chinese New Year. Throughout the &; Also some uprightness, & other; New Year’s day is not at home, let me liking for male guest is a little lower. Throughout the &; But male guest, said he was not because and parents relations are not harmonious and choose to travel, but to hide & other; Bear relatives & throughout; . Present girls have also speak out at the feast to his relatives, from the revision if you are the first appearance of female guest lino smiled and said, since his if, met relatives would ask: & other; Haven’t you go down! Throughout the &; The audience was amused. For this matter, zhen-yu jiang said, to be consciously relatives: & other; Do a kind person. Throughout the &;

when it comes to choose a spouse standard, peng-fei ma says he is very value eye rim, the ideal of the future is to find a of the person you like, to a place like, like to open a shop, & the other; I can do all the housework, let you when a small princess in a cage. Throughout the &; Ultimately, however, a few lamp also because the girl takes & other; The cage the little princess & throughout; And pass on them, in fact, everyone is eager to be taken care of while, but more important is the free and the embodiment of self-worth. Finally, peng-fei ma alone sorry to leave, hope he can present for his partner.

depression teenager by travel tothe sun won it after

chang-jian sun once in the shadow of depression from Harbin, through the trip took a rectified time came out of the way, and now to become a writer since the media, the traveler. Through many places, have seen a lot of scenery, & other; Every time I travel, I will take a lot of photos, accidentally will also organize some outdoor activities. Travel not only cured my depression, also let me find the meaning of life, now feel life was really good. Throughout the &; Once he wrote in his own personal home page so in a word, & other; I am a to the death and life of the traveler, only it’s fullest, each day to leave the day won’t regret it. Throughout the &;

chang-jian sun energy is full of life experiences of all touches is very big, the female guest Jian generation is that Sally, & other; When I was in March and April this year also suffered from depression, and came out of the way, and we want to tell you that depression is not terrible, must go to face actively, life will become better. Throughout the &; Listen to the story of male guest, looking at his site to share according to travel around the world beauty, listened to he tells all sorts of things for the trip, watch OuDeLuo tingting could not help but fall after confession, & other; Now male guest really is a stylish men sunshine, also especially good voice, I really want to go with you! Throughout the &; However chang-jian sun did not chose her as a run-off girl. When it comes to choose a spouse standard, chang-jian sun said he has three, the first to have & other; Hormonal response & throughout; , so in choosing a run-off girls also follow their own & other; Physiological response & throughout; ; The second values to agree with each other, the third to have their own work and career. In the end, the male guest did not find satisfy the three conditions of the girl on the stage, sorry to leave.

in seven years WuLiuQian male guest said none of the truth

male guest Gao Ji grew up interested in traditional culture, after graduating from university by wenbo unit work, although already had turned 30, but he says his state of mind is very young, was no & other; Middle-aged fat men & throughout; . Zhen-yu jiang to ask morphy spicy, & other; Meng teacher, what do you think of yourself is a middle-aged fat man? Throughout the &; Morphy responded, & other; Online about & rsquo; Middle-aged fat men & rsquo; Indicators, I look at the only in one, is the prairie songs, but I am to be honest, I began to listen to the prairie songs from more than twenty years old. Throughout the &;

because love traditional culture, Gao Ji after work also took part in many activities, such as kunqu opera club, the more a and so on, a drama club “yuchuanyuan” (now is learning to changsha. He also revealed that is traditional, with their own opinions about love like parents’ eye. For the other half of the future, Gao Ji request is not high, just want to find a and their complementary, two people together and slowly old. The scene, he put the new appearance of liu fang and Li Siqi to choose to end a girl. For high fantasy do soldiers put questions to learn more, & other; Male guest can say your own strengths and weaknesses? See if we both complement each other. Throughout the &; Gao Ji responded: & other; Everybody says I greatest strength and greatest weakness is love to tell the truth. Throughout the &; Put soldiers humor ask then, & other; That if I do not love the truth might already be complementary with you? Throughout the &; The host morphy said: & other; In if started in seven years, been to WuLiuQianWei male guest, and in the face of this problem, there is no one to tell the truth. Throughout the &; Everyone will evade, not what to say their shortcomings, this also is in the real life dating activities easily meet problem. It only shows the real you, can harvest the real emotion, isn’t it?