I 33, every house graduate wife were dead

I 33, every house graduate wife were dead

net friend letter:

teacher xia, how are you. I’m 35 years old, my mother died when I was ten years old accident, I have a one year younger than me half brother, together we read in high school, my father all day out to find a way to borrow money.

one day, when we are on holiday, my father took me and my brother go to nanjing to find uncle, in fact I have long heard uncle do business of wood in nanjing, made a fortune and bought a house and car.

day, very not easy to find his uncle’s home, aunt’s arrival, to us is behaved very enthusiastic. Hurriedly took my dad to him, and his hand to ask the chickens, ducks and eggs and duck eggs. Aunt smiled from ear to ear, hurriedly to the proper fruit of the home side out for my brother and me to have.

at noon to eat the meal, uncle asked my dad: home ok? Dad hand rub the rub, very embarrassed to say: to tell you the truth, two sons to study, I go to school by lend them money, it’s not, two children to university right away, so find you borrow some money, ok for you?

at this point, the aunt walked out of the kitchen and open your voice said to my dad, don’t look at our house, seemingly rich, ah, in fact, in this city has a big overhead. My two daughters to read for money, he recently timber business a year than a year, also only subsistence, last year we lost more than ten, ah, now the business is not good ah, say this city, we go out to spend money, don’t like your country, with a few money, right?

uncle ask my dad: elder brother, how many do you want to borrow? Dad carefully say: you see, first to lend me ten thousand?

for a long time, aunt rose up and went to the bedroom, took ten thousand dollars in cash to my father, and said, can borrow money, you have to give me a ious & hellip; & hellip; My dad one leng, but still agreed. On the way home, my father took me by the hand and said, you have to strenuously to study, to get ahead in the future & hellip; & hellip;

however, the younger brother to go to college, he offered to give up his studies, insist on down, reducing the burden for him, for I am reading a book.

my sophomore year, dad come to school to see me, go out to eat, father only ordered two dishes, that day, he told me that let me the most impressive sentence: Laura ling, after you have ambition to study, to find you borrow money from your brother, don’t give him ious & hellip; & hellip;

after eating the meal, dad gave me five hundred bucks, I didn’t know dad had uremia, already can’t work, he went to uncle to borrow money again.

after graduating from college, I work hard, save money, until I am 30 years old, my career finally started, and it can be a fast development, at this point, a graduate student I met a girl. Her parents are both civil servants, and she was pretty, I cherish her. So, her tuition and living expenses during reading, is in my account.

every time and face up to the father money to repair the house, I have an excuse to business is bad, can’t make money on. Dad didn’t say anything, call father’s brother is always living and medical expenses. Now think about, I’m really very muddy.

and so, my girlfriend and I together for three years, take her back home, I just know how much she care my house in the countryside, how mind my dad and brother.

in order to give her happiness, when I marry her, didn’t do the wine in the countryside, but in the hotel do wine, not only have spent all my savings, also let I find brother borrowed forty thousand yuan, and to find my classmates and friends borrowed eighty thousand yuan. But feel worth, because I love her.

but, after marriage, the wife basic not went back to see my father, and my dad to the city to see our each time, she was always looking for excuses to go out, never give my dad a meal at home or something. Later, my father said the country house is really want to take, or it will collapse. I agreed to pay thirty thousand dollars, but the wife after come back, scold me a meal, and she is also in the payment and also thinking about the house in their hometown, and whether there is something wrong with my head.

originally promised thirty thousand dollars in the father, the opposition of the wife, I had to refuse to her father. Later, the younger brother to see an object, find gather together bride price money I borrow twenty thousand dollars, but my wife was reluctant to lend, or let my brother to play ious, and borrow money & hellip; & hellip;

until my dad bedridden, those days I back to home. At night, to give him medicine, in his drawer, saw a dozen ious, I counted, there were 18 iou. Some of them are looking for uncle play ious, have a plenty of to find my uncle to borrow money dozen ious. At that moment, my heart seemed to have been what shocked, very sad, very poor my dad, also feel very useless.

father ah, for me, you suffered many eyes; Father ah, for me, you are tired how; Dad ah, for me, you don’t enjoy a tianfu & hellip; & hellip; Look at those ious, my hands are shaking. If, I will earn money to dad, maybe he will be more respect, maybe I can earn your own money, cure to my father, maybe he can now enjoy peace of mind of life for a few days.

however, it was too late. I felt like I was a sinner, those days with dad, I have been repeatedly think the past life, thinking of father looking for uncle to borrow money, heart was hurt deeply. How much I am a bastard, can in order to the wife regardless of the family, regardless of the feelings of father and brother?

dad disease was still in a worse, I decided to take money to cure him. The wife had the money now, however, also said that my dad this disease cannot be cured anyway, just don’t want disorderly spend money. At that moment, I just absolutely see her face. I am very calm, filed for divorce from her.

she is not willing to, money in her card, if I insist on divorce, she let me clean body leave home. What should I do? My dad the disease such as an item, but I don’t have money, what shall I do? Plus, the company recently capital chain is also a problem, I’m under pressure, very pain, struggle & hellip; & hellip;

summer mo re:

love, can’t wait. Life is too short, must be prevented in time. Parents, dedicated her life for their children, they not return, only hope that you are in the spare time or holiday, can give them a call, to give them more care and companionship.

not forggestting, although your mother died young, but you have a very great father, has a very’s brother. Father to you, gave up his face and dignity, and his health. Your brother, for you, out of school, and his future.

although, your wife deserves respect, but she look down on your brother and father, after marriage also so don’t want to associate with them. Father find you borrow money from home, but she did not agree with; Your brother to find you borrow money, and she doesn’t agree. After all, she is not willing to accept your family, don’t want to accept your poverty. Even, feel to your brother and father are burdensome, reject them.

a surface say a love you of person, are reluctant to accept your father and your brother, in the end she love is somewhat hypocritical and strong, also somewhat selfish, at the same time that she is not a good person. If she doesn’t want to divorce, more communication with her, let her take out the money to your father. If she didn’t want to, then divorce may be able to save yourself. Is not filial because, even your father’s wife, she had no love for you sincerely.

if you decide to divorce, then you can through the legal way, to maintain their own property, and strive for the marital property. Your father was seriously ill, you can launch the social help, or to him, go to relatives and friends to lend money to the sick father. Of course, you should have a good business, your company have a career, can give the people you care about, to provide a happy life.