Husband’s special hobby let me very helpless

oral: husband special hobbies make me really helpless

net friend letter:

my husband and I have been married for three years, existing a two year old daughter, our feelings have been good. Recently feeling is he in the life of husband and wife now with a little change, let me feel a little uncomfortable, of course also feel very not trust.

when we fall in love before I rarely make up, friends say I’m a born beauty, body, but my heart is conservative, who is done with some protect skin to taste a calculate, wearing also is given priority to with leisure, and I love the husband, but because of his honesty. Now don’t know what’s wrong, my husband is not like I now look, he is not the case before, now he is often on the Internet for me to buy silk stockings, high heels, skirts or something, I don’t like wearing his angry again. But I really don’t like to wear, total feel awkward, he says he likes to dress up like that, I also I buy cosmetics, let me make up.

that giving birth for two years, I especially serious endocrine disorders, arm thigh meaty, also long some spots on the face, complexion is becoming more and more bad, look at the mirror just feel old many. He doesn’t know where I can find, on my birthday, I two boxes from abroad to bring back to female health care products, women regulate body works, also give me soup every day, urging I must drink. In order not to let him down, I did, one also regulate body good, the somebody else all say I don’t like a child, is recovering well.

but he still can’t not scratched, and now he wanted me to make up, every time go out to wear high heels to wear silk socks, the somebody else all is hope his wife can wear a bit conservative, some simple life, but he is not the same, he always wanted me to dress up some sexy, I everyday dressing his interference, diet and rest also want strict rules, the almost abnormal persistent let me really feel very tired. Problem is that every time after I dress sexy as he was asked, he will always be very impulsive, and if in general, he don’t even bother to look at me at all. Sometimes, I think that he does not love me, a change of heart? I have such a beautifully dressed to inspire his hormone?

why want to like this, live easy bad?

reply online:

as most Chinese married men, for a long time, they are indeed tend to demand his wife on the dress dignified, generous and as far as possible, not too much exposure, sexy, in lots of other men. But as the changes of The Times, the idea of a lot of men also in change, especially those very confident, and are proud of his wife’s beauty proud men, they produce a & other; Cool & throughout; State of mind, want others to their own wife envy, complacent, as a kind of man, they are willing to his wife in to get some more enchanting, thus draws the eye of other members of the opposite sex.

of course, you referred to in this case, may be for your husband more on the appeal will be some changes. Once he likes this new style, for you I am afraid it is difficult to change his taste, can you get used to adjust. Your husband, in other words, there is no other flower heart, just want you to change, also want to give you buy this buy that, some request to you, is willing to pay attention to your dressing, concerned about your health, shows that he is still interested in you, there is love, if you really love your own husband, sometimes, why don’t we make some small changes indulge a little bit about the him?

in addition, China’s married women are easy to fall into a wrong view, always think two people have the life that occupy the home, don’t need too much red tape, especially on the dress more simple the more the better, what does not know, this willing as a deep repugnance to the yellow face shiva mentality. We need to set up an idea: even if married, women will like be in love during the art of getting along, don’t forget to dress up beautiful is a kind of responsibility, is the respect for the beautiful appearance, demeanor, is harmless to others is beneficial to myself!