Hungry again these four women don’t touch

guide language: now, being single is a very popular topic. And take off a single is every men are faced with the problem. But before take off a single, harmony in the future, be sure to think about their own object the what is. The following several women should avoid. DetailPic

hungry again these four women don’t touch

1. Spending, not understand management family economic income and expenditure

both men and women, there was a man of a family lavishly may have been forced to live by one day. If a man, a family there is sense of crisis may arise. If a woman, men have more money, have again big ability is not enough to spend, find rich singles, that may not be enough for her.

have qualitative feeling a woman can clearly know the value of spend money out, in addition to spend the money, also can put a dollar into two dollars to the card, this woman is sure to flourish.

2. Privacy leak in front of your friends man, damaging his face

a man’s face, is more important than his credit card in his pocket. A man can give you a credit card, but definitely to not allow you gossiping behind my back. Love in front of friends, colleagues or family woman, leak his privacy is not going to please the man of a woman. Men sometimes need is not a good wife, more needs to be a considerate keep secret to his wife.

damage outside man face woman, are actually playing their own face, but also damage the men value image in the eyes of others.

3. Know a lot about all the things

a lot of women like is a jack-of-all-trades, or is a living dictionary, feel they know everything, everything, what knowledge is like the palm of his hand. Do you not know that, the idea of the things you know it’s just been her mind a little things. Don’t know when the appearance of even pretended to be a prophet, to people, opine. Is really let enjoy controlling these men hate to tooth itch.

4. Swearing loudly in the street

now speak quality, even if you are a savage girl friend, but men also need to have a stand for the bottom line, not the more the more powerful your savage popular with them. In fact, when you’re a swearing female or suck, men still heading for the hills. After all, we need to find a future education the child’s mother, rather than marry a mouthful of dirty son don’t know the moral marjie female.