How to wash the blanket

How to wash thick blankets

Usually everyone only uses thick blankets in the autumn and winter seasons. After winter, many people will certainly want to collect and save the thick blankets after cleaning. Thick carpet how to wash better? General thick-walled dry cleaners recommended dry cleaners, so to ensure that the soft blankets and flexible. If you want to clean thick blankets, thick blanket cleaning should pay attention to the best hand wash, wash with warm water, as long as gently rub the light bubble can be washed in a cool place to dry. Thick carpet cleaning methods are as follows:

1, ready for warm water: wash thick blankets can not be washed with cold water, it is best to use warm water, generally 20-30 degrees of warm water can.

2, soak the soap or detergent: in the laundry tub using neutral soap or detergent into a 20 degrees light soap.

3, soaked thick blanket: the blanket soaked in water for 30 minutes.

4, gently rub: gently squeezed into the water and then into the soap gently rubbed the pressure by hand, gently squeeze out the water and then into the soap gently rub the pressure by hand.

5, anti-aging vinegar to prevent: gently press the wash can be, if it is a pure blanket, the last time rinse, if you want to prevent wool blankets getting old, in the wash water drops a few drops of vinegar to prevent this situation appear.

6, squeeze water: rinse, the blanket rolled up, gently press, discharge moisture, and then the brush will fluff brush neat into the original box shape.

7, Drying or drying: After cleaning the wool blanket can choose to dry, if there is no dryer on the pole to dry, keep the tile form, can be placed in the shade. Not recommended to use the hanger to dry, so easy to deformation.

8. Wrinkle: If the wool felt after cleaning appears wrinkled, you can place a wet towel on the wrinkled place and gently iron it with the electric iron, then the folds will disappear.

How to wash Raschel blankets

Raschel blankets how to wash? Raschel blanket cleaning should first pay attention to control the water temperature, preferably at 20-30 degrees Celsius, soaked in soapy water for about half an hour, just gently rub the water and then rinse 2-3 times, and finally Raschel blankets Pick up and tiled in the shade to dry. Raschel is the best quality carpet, Raschel (RASCHEL) fabric itself is a kind of acrylic, but this fabric raschel wears the name. Many blankets are often called raschel blankets because they are named because they are made from acrylic yarn and passed through Raschel warp knitting machines. Raschel acrylic blanket is currently China’s Raschel blanket manufacturers, the highest yield, the most widely used, the largest export varieties. Raschel carpet cleaning methods are as follows:

1, the water temperature: If you do not wash dry raschel blankets at home, you can use the bath to clean. Use 20-30 degrees Celsius of warm water, can not use cold water, so as not to affect the softness of the blanket;

2, washing powder choice: use ordinary household neutral detergent, do not use bleach;

3, soaking: intervene washing powder soak for about half an hour, so that you can achieve the role of removing dust;

4, rub: knead by hand or by foot light tap, but can not use a brush or hard scrub;

5, rinse: rinse 2-3 times with water, do not need to wrung and then rinse;

6, to the water: After washing the bath water is empty, do not twist the Raschel blanket with hands or feet to avoid deformation;

7, dry: Raschel blankets placed in the bath to dry drip, can not use the washing machine dehydration;

8, light brush blanket: the blanket placed in the sun while dry with a soft brush light brush blanket, keep the blanket softness and flexibility.

Can the blanket be washed by the washing machine?

Can the blanket be washed by the washing machine? If it is a thin blanket can be washed with a washing machine, will not be affected too much, but if it is thick blankets are not suitable for washing with a washing machine. General wool blankets are soft and elastic, feel fullness, good warmth, but after cleaning it will destroy its role, so the best choice for dry cleaning or hand wash, do not use the washing machine, or easy aliasing, softness and cold Will be reduced. If the thin blankets or second-class blankets, washing with washing machines will not have much impact, because such blankets are usually used for bed sheets, light weight, so you can use the washing machine.

Under normal circumstances, the best hand-washing blankets, washing machines can not be washed for the following reasons:

1, the blanket has a strong water absorption: the blanket because of strong water absorption, the general dry blanket is very light, but after soaking, the blanket will become very heavy, then choose to use the washing machine cleaning, the problem came out, one is to increase the washing machine Because the cleaning of the blanket requires a gentle washing, the choice of a low profile results in a heavier load on the flooded blanket, and the dehydration function dehumidifies the blanket all at once. Therefore, the washing machine to wash the carpet to be careful.

2, easy to make the washing machine agitate the carpet deformation: washing machine washing, the carpet after shaking vigorously by the machine, it is easy to sample deformation, affecting the original appearance of the blanket.

Wool blankets are basically sent to the laundry room for dry cleaning, you can use a large industrial washing machine washing, industrial washing machine manufacturers that the best washing method, wool blanket washing can, but to choose a neutral detergent, you need to air dry dry.

Therefore, when we wash the carpet, we have to choose the machine to wash, so long as your carpet will not change much when washing or drying, for example, it is a thin blanket or a second-class blanket, so you can rest assured Washing machine to wash, on the contrary if your blanket before and after the process of changing too much, then it is not suitable for washing in the washing machine, such as pure wool blankets are not recommended washing machine. Under normal circumstances, the blanket scrubbers are marked with a washing machine can wash, so we can refer to the scouring pad on the card.

How to maintain the blanket

Winter passed very quickly. In the summer, it is necessary to keep the blankets well, but the poor maintenance of the blankets will affect the quality of the blankets and affect the use of blankets in the next winter. How to maintain the blanket? Including cleaning and preservation of two aspects of the note.

1, cleaning:

(1) The blanket is best to dry or hand wash.

(2) If you want to machine wash, it is best to put the blanket into the net bag in the cleaning, so that it can well guarantee the shape of the blanket.

(3) blankets must not bleach, it will affect the softness of the blanket.

(4) Wash the blanket with warm water at 20-30 ° C.

(5) if there is only a little stains on the blanket, it is recommended to use a towel to wipe, do not wash all, because the number of blankets should not be too much cleaning.

(6) It is best not to use the method of drying blankets, the best natural drying, taboo exposure.

2, save:

(1) care should be taken to maintain the carpet moist to avoid mildew, avoid exposure to the sun boring heat, to prevent deteriorating gloss, feel rough, anti-insect agents to prevent moth-eaten.

(2) In daily use, the blanket should always be bathed in the sunshine and patted gently to remove sweat, dust and dander adhering to the blanket, and to comb the fluff carefully The carpet surface is clean and soft.

(3) When collecting, the blanket shall be flatly folded into the cabinet or bag to avoid beard hair and folds, prevent extrusion, keep the texture of the blanket flexible and better care.