How to wash silk

How to wash silk

Silk is thin, warm by many consumers, but most people do not know the correct use of silk was, reasonable maintenance and scientific cleaning methods. So how to wash silk?

Silk was routine cleaning can only wash the outer jacket. Silk was the core itself can not be washed, if contaminated stains, be sure to wash, you can use special detergent for local cleaning, and iron ironing pad slowly ironing, but be careful not to wash the part for a long time exposure to heat to Anti-fabric shrink.

If necessary, the core can be removed by carefully removing the wire tack on the surface of the wire. However, this operation can not be conducted in a hurry, by skilled personnel or by the factory staff to complete, so as not to damage.

Silk was washed Note:

1, silk is 3 layers, silk, inner sleeve, quilt cover, silk + inner sleeve is the so-called core, can not be washed (except for washable silk cool). Quilt can be removed to wash. So there are quilt cover inside general will not be dirty.

2, silk is not easy to produce static electricity, so it will not be like chemical fiber, wool is the same adsorption of dust and dirt. Even years spent inside is also very clean. So do not worry.

3, if the core is accidentally contaminated by the stain, you can use a neutral detergent to partially wipe the shade to dry. Can not handle their own dry cleaners can do local processing.

How to maintain the silk

Silk was routine maintenance methods:

1, do not store in a humid hot environment or into a plastic bag, to prevent damp silk, resulting in odor, loss of warmth and breathability. Avoid stress, do not stack the quilt above, so as not to thin and harden. Do not use mothballs and other chemicals to avoid contamination of silk. After a period of time, silk inner tube will be slightly yellow, lower fluff, this is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the silk quality and normal use.

2, silk outside the core should be put on the quilt to use, or be easily contaminated by the core dust and stains. Do not sleep on the quilt to keep the fluffy silk was. Children should be prevented from getting their bedwetting while using silk, while keeping your child from jumping around on the quilt.

3, if the quilt dirty can be removed, you can wash with cold water. Silk core can not be washed, not dry-clean, can not be ironed. If contaminated stains, you can use a neutral detergent to local wipe and dry, if the stain area is larger, it is recommended to dry cleaners wipe with a special potion.

4, the new silk is made of silkworm pupa taste, on the ventilated place to blow for two days. Silk can not be prolonged exposure, but every two weeks, it is best to take out to the sun for two hours, otherwise be damp to be moldy. After the sun, tap gently to keep the fluffy.

How to wash silk

Silk products soft and light, deeply loved by females, then silk products should be how to wash it?

Washing: The best silk dry, such as their own washing, neutral detergent should be used in low temperature water soak 15 to 20 minutes, and then gently rub and rinse with water, should not be used in washing machines, should not be alkaline Soap, not high temperature washing, should not force rub. Wash gently squeezed to the water, and hangers, let the drip dry, to avoid sun exposure fading.

Collection: Do not store silk products in damp or direct sunlight in order to avoid mildew and fading. Avoid collecting desiccant, cosmetics, perfume, etc. directly on the silk. If you accidentally contaminated, to be cleaned promptly, otherwise easy to turn yellow or black. Can be folded and stored flat on the drawer, but also can be hung on a smooth hanger, but not suitable for camphor or health ball. In addition, the silk products after a long time, easy to stiff hair, silk softener or white vinegar diluted solution can be softened.

In addition, the best collection of silk products before the sun into the sun, and then placed in the box, pay attention to the above should not be heavy. Silk products of different colors should be separated by paper to prevent discoloration. Collection of white silk products, wrapped in blue paper, can not change color. If wrapped in white paper, it will make white silk yellowing. White silk products should not be placed camphor, or yellow. In addition, silk is a natural fiber, it needs “ventilation”, so the collection should not hang in long-term plastic bags.