How to wash hiking shoes

How to wash hiking shoes

Cleaning steps 1: cleaning hiking shoes clever use of toothbrush (scrapped toothbrushes can be) to remove the hidden place and the dirt at the gap, or you can also use “nylon shoe brush.”

Cleaning Step 2: Hiking shoes Brush with nylon shoe brush dust, for stubborn stains and salty, first rinse with water brushed off with a brush, and then care solution spray. (Brush to avoid contact with the metal fasteners to prevent rust.)

Cleaning Step 3: hiking shoes cleaning, it is best to stay outdoors to accept direct sunlight to dry. Drying should be solved when the shoelaces, took out insoles, mountaineering shoes to the maximum extent, then put the newspaper into the shoe to dry the water, which can speed up hiking shoes drying.

Cleaning Step 4: Do not place wet climbing shoes near heat sources, such as fire or heaters. Otherwise the leather will shrink, climbing shoes will become a small half or leather will be split.

Cleaning Step 5: If the climbing shoe’s fabric is dry and begins to lose its color, wet it as soon as possible to prevent cracking.

Cleaning Step 6: hiking shoes were washed as new, please store it in a cool, dry, dark place for the next use.

What is hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are designed for hiking and travel and manufacturing shoes, ideal for outdoor sports. Waterproof is the primary function of modern hiking shoes, waterproof breathable hiking shoes is unmatched by the general sports shoes.

The ideal mountaineering shoes opening must have enough space to wear easily even when wet or snowy. The tongue must be waterproof enough to penetrate. Narrow suture spacing to avoid water intrusion. Toes and heels need 2 to 3 layers of leather or fabric protection. Toes front hard, will not wear ice claw buckle and squeeze or tap the hard ice caused by toe injuries. More hard to increase the heel during walking, the stability of the foot, the snow downhill to tread a foothold. The purpose and choice of mountaineering shoes to maintain balance, support the body, cushioning cushioning capacity, hard soles, water resistance, shoes suitable weight, such as light shoes suitable for walking the traditional route of the light path, rather than the traditional route will 躜In the woods or rock climbing to choose the harder point of the shoes, in general, lightweight shoes can not provide enough smoothness in carrying a heavy backpack while walking in difficult terrain more need to protect their own ankle, heel and toe support force.

How to care hiking shoes

Wear before maintenance: waterproof sutures and pinholes apply, you can improve the upper and suture waterproof. The new purchase of hiking boots waterproofing agent is best to repeat the application of a period of time, the activities one to two days before the best smear, let the leather completely absorbed, after the leather was dark brown. Nylon cloth hiking boots, because the pores are not easy to waterproof, you can use silicone derivative spray.

How to wear: try not to wear a pair of shoes for a long time, prolonged wet and tired environment will shorten the life of shoes.

How to clean: general water cleaning can, but must pay special attention to cleaning, do not put in the sun, sun shine after drying is easy to open the glue, it should be placed in cool and ventilated place to make it dry naturally; Drying, the leather will become dry and easy to crack; but you can take advantage of the wet upper when the sun under the sun, not long sun.

How to store: The most avoid damp shoes, damp shoes inside and outside the water, breathable, cortical, line performance will cause damage. If you want to store more than a few months, it is recommended that you first let the shoes dry outside before storing, placed in a cool, ventilated place, shoe body pressure. Short-term storage (after normal activities) and long-term storage before the best outsole, because the insole itself is more humid.

How to repair: If you open the shoes, the first glue in the glue before cleaning, dry and then sticky.


Do not use 101/502 glue dip shoes, and some ALICE shoes may appear to open the glue problem, do not use their own 101 or 502 glue to stick stick, these two have a higher corrosion will affect the technical performance of hiking shoes.