How to wash canvas shoes

How to wash canvas shoes

Canvas shoes how to wash it? It is not as clean as leather shoes, nor as clothes can be thrown into the washing machine, so how should we wash canvas shoes to clean it? Here I will introduce to you how to wash canvas shoes.

1, do not use water directly

Do not wash the canvas shoes directly when washing, the front part of the soles and the best part of the toothbrush to brush. Take a do not use dry towel with your index finger to withstand a touch of water, and then stick some toothpaste gently toe and shoe edge to the heel part, it should be noted that the heel part should be particularly careful not to be too hard, gently rub, and finally And then wet towel to just clean the toothpaste place once, you can be very clean!

2, how to take care of the canvas part

Canvas parts, you can use the old toothbrush or soap to wash the upper surface of the detergent gently so that you can easily remove the dirt, if you encounter more dirty place to brush several times, brush clean and then use a toothbrush Water wash soap bubbles, so that you can clean the canvas part too clean.

3, try not to put the whole pair of shoes bubble into the water

Try not to put the whole pair of shoes into the water, the bubble will indeed wash very clean, but the life of the shoe will become very short, because after soaking shoes shoes, it is easy to break, so try not to soak .

4, shoelace part

The shoelace section is simple, but be careful not to leave it too lazy to keep the shoelace on the shoe and the shoe should be washed, and it should be removed and cleaned directly with soap or detergent. This will not leave ugly stains on the shoelace.

5, dry tips

After cleaning the recommendations into the ventilation and sun drying place, the best brush in the shoes with toilet paper to wrap the shoes, which is the key to laundering canvas shoes! The package will be very tangible so that shoes are very clean. It is absolutely not possible to get the shoes under the sun, which will yellow the gummy parts of the shoes and will become brittle after the gummy parts are sun-dried, so the shoes are also easily broken.

How to wash white canvas shoes

The most common cleaning method:

1, soaked shoes with warm water, do not have a long time. If possible, put a little vinegar (preferably white vinegar).

2, with pure white toothpaste to brush shoes again, then rinse clean. It is best to use a soft brush.

3, be sure to rinse clean, especially when washing the shoes with detergent, brushing shoes is best to use blisters for some time.

4, wrap the shoes by hand paper, wrap the toilet paper to the place, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

If you can not wash the stains can use white paint brush shoes 1, shoes and laces apart to wash, first with white soap to wash shoes and shoe laces again, shoes to soft shaving toothbrush rinse (canvas to light shabu , Otherwise easy to damage), then rinse with water.

2, the white gouache paint diluted with water (water do not add too much, just not thick appropriate, of course, white paint can not be more), and then toothbrush in the shoe coated with gouache, if the dirty places can be more coated .

3, the shoes dry in the ventilated place on it.


Regardless of when you wash your shoes with a transparent soap, detergent or detergent, remember to be rinsed clean with water, must not be clean because of lazy, resulting in shoes left yellow material.

According to experience, no matter what method of washing shoes, it is best to wash the shoes after the package on the toilet paper, toilet paper is as white as possible, and it is best to wrap the upper.

How to wash board shoes

Many young people love shoes, shoes represent a young, stylish, casual. How can young people do not love it! But how to wash dirty shoes so good? Let’s take a look!

Plate shoes cleaning:

1, if the shoes outsole and side (non-nylon material part), you can spray a little collar net, after ten seconds to take a soft brush gently brushing, brushing time should not be too long.

2, cleaning should pay attention to the place of the eye of the eye, to prevent metal shoe fading lead vamp more dirty. (Usually available transparent nail polish smear on the shoes eye, can prevent oxidation of metal)

3, brushing should be promptly washed with warm water or cold water to wash away the foam, minimize the erosion of chemicals on the shoes time.

4, immediately after cleaning with a dry rag to wipe clean the residual water, if with air cushion, then pay attention to the air around the water wipe clean, so as to avoid some water chemical reaction lead to plastic.

5, if the shoe pattern grip pebbles can be removed with a toothpick, because a long time holding foreign objects will make the soles of the line deformation, to a certain extent, will affect the shoe’s performance.

6, if the shoe upper cracks flawed, careful not to rub in the place where there is a laceration, it will make the wound become dirty, and even crack larger.

7, if the upper is PU material or patent leather, wipe it directly with a damp cloth, another kind of artificial leather is similar to the anti-fur material, pay special attention to the rag when cleaning the degree of wetness, in general, clean the shoes Surface, with too wet cloth but the stain will intensify the dirty.

Plate shoes maintenance:

1, when the shoes worn dirty, available water dipped in detergent gently scrub, then rinse with clean water, ventilated cool place to dry, to avoid direct sunlight and exposure.

2, avoid using heating or open flame drying, so as to avoid aging, plastic, fading and severe deformation.

3, to avoid excessive direct sun and hair dryer hot air, improper care methods will reduce the life of shoes; washing can not be a long time soaking (immersion time shall not exceed 20 minutes).

4, if stored for a long time, you should first wash the shoes clean, dry place cool and ventilated place, so that shoes have sufficient time to dry, so as not to mildew.