How to maintain snow boots

Four major snow boots maintenance methods

Snow boots Maintenance Method One: Brand-specific waterproof spray (waterproof, rain, snow)

If you buy a snow boots without waterproof coating, waterproof spray can be used to make the shoes add water. Just spray gently on the surface of the boot, and then allow the boot to dry for 10 minutes before wearing it. Enhance the waterproof boots can protect boots to avoid the oil or sewage on the boots, and can extend the wearing life of boots. If the boots are accidentally wet, spray them with a new protective coating when the boots are dry. The best time to spray waterproof boots for boots is when the boots are up to date.

Snow boots maintenance methods two: brand suede care brush

Brush gently along the bottom edge of the boot brush dust, handle brushes, hair is relatively tough, dirty parts of the surface of the body easier to clean up, brush gently along the bottom edge of the brush to remove dust , A sequential wipe, do not wear the cortex, especially dirty place repeatedly wipe. Wipe with a towel after wiping the care brush.

Snow boots maintenance methods three: brand-specific cleaning care agent – suede renovation agent

Dedicated cleaning agent, using the latest scientific research formula, together with a dedicated velvet care brush, to achieve the best cleaning results, make the snow boots a new look, buy intimate, comfortable to wear, with peace of mind.

Snow boots maintenance methods four: snow boots shoes tablets

Snow boots, shoes can make your baby upright type, usually worn on weekdays, but the soft sheepskin boots can not be as ordinary leather as upright, so snow boots shoe pieces can make your baby upright and stylish, not Worried about the variant aliasing.