How to judge whether a woman really love you?

how to judge whether a woman really love you?

1. Once the reduce material input, can’t keep his relationship

if your date content is given priority to with buy buy buy, lack the spirit of communication, a girl by you obviously got better material comforts. Though his girlfriend is gentle, considerate, constantly expressing her love for you, but never said want to pay, your relationship is built on your pay. Once you have economic problems, can meet the material requirement, she in her attitude towards you is obvious changes have taken place, began to get cold, impatient. When you try to talk to her work pressure or life distress, she showed indifference, perfunctory attitude.

2. She is always finding fault with on you, don’t appreciate you

if she always carry a tone of banter, cynicism, to you not to laugh at your grades insignificant, is to tell somebody you more cow force, should be vigilant. For a provider, more is, alarm, fussy, not satisfied, she is in this way to test your attitude, make sure you will stick to her anyway. She is not recognized in his bones, appreciate you, so try to squeeze you of everything, not feel compunction.

3. Constantly trying to transform your

when she to you there, will naturally want to change you, transforming you into a lover or a more ideal die-hard a provider. Many men in love after all have a look for the mother feeling, from the hair to the habits and customs, she doesn’t have a place to look pleasing to the eye, what has to be correct, what needs to be modified. And a provider is often used in feeling low, will continue to roll with the punches, as long as the other party not to break up, what conditions are acceptable. Over time will become lost in the relationship, and live for each other, and more can’t be fond of each other, become thoroughly by extract.

4. Her people’s attitude to you

if you attaches great importance to a person, will make everyone around you feel your importance to her, and those who have respect for your people, for the sake of your face will be like you was kind to her. If you are a person dispensable, the others to her attitude is also different because of you, this is a common sense. Also, the people around her attitude towards you is a reflection of her attitude toward your true or miniature.

if she often pull you get together with her friend’s house people, have a meal or shopping, etc., all is, of course, you pay for, that the people around her slowly will understand your role. At the same time, women like to chat, her attitude to you will be revealed in the chat with others. If the people around her to be dismissed or take liberties with for you, even yelling, the most is her silently allowed, no one willing to work with a & other; A provider & throughout; (in their hearts may be a fool) already, you can get the presence may only pay in a moment.

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