How to deal with moldy shoes

How to deal with moldy shoes

The rainy season, the air is more humid, the home thing is easy moldy, but also easy to mold shoes. How to deal with moldy shoes? Moldy shoes first to its mold, that is, with a damp cloth wipe the rub. Then the shoes dry naturally in the shade. The way to prevent moldy shoes is to do a good job of daily shoe maintenance, so that you can wear shoes for a longer period of time.

Leather moldy approach is:

1, the shoes dry: first dry shoes, the shoes on the house at home in a cool and ventilated place, so as to avoid more moisture, more moldy leather shoes.

2, wipe the mold on the shoes: Mold cream wipe with a dry cloth, you can wipe off the gray and gray color of ash. Gently wipe the salt cream with a damp cloth (eg, wrung a towel) and dry the shoes after the salt cream has disappeared.

3, soapy water cleaning: Use thicker hot soapy water (do not use soapy liquid containing bleaching ingredients or enzyme components, otherwise it will make cotton fade) repeated brushing can be removed.

4, alcohol: Moldy shoes, but also can use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1: 1) solution to wipe, and then placed in ventilated place to dry, mildew will be able to eliminate.

5, shoeshine oil: a little dry rubbed over again shoe polish can, do a good job of daily shoes maintenance.

How to deal with matte shoes moldy

Scrub shoes, is the use of nubuck leather shoes as the upper material, heavy moisture, easily lead to moldy nubuck shoes. Frosted shoes mold how to deal with? Frosted shoes need to first vamp dirt, mold, etc., with a brush to sweep away, and then gently brush with a soft bristled brush brushed sandpaper shoes, scrub dry and put sealed. Matte shoes moldy treatment is:

1, to the dirt and mold: first with a large brush light brush the entire matte shoes, take a look at the convex part of the sandals shoes shoes contaminated with dirt, whether there is mold, the dirty part of these are clean again.

2, the use of detergent light brush: then soft brush dipped in detergent, the matte shoes slowly brush the surface, it should be noted that careful not to force. Scrub leather will be white, because they are pigmented. Be especially careful when brushing your shoes.

3, Drying: After scrubbing in a cool and ventilated place to dry, leather uppers dry when dry, and then bristle brush dipped some hair powder.

4, sealed and stored: If the shoes do not take out to wear, so the vamp dry, the shoes inside the newspaper protection, 15 cm away from the shoes evenly spray update agent. What is the update agent? Renewal agent contains a light agent, colloid (to enhance the adhesion of other substances), pigments, solvents (soluble mixture of substances) and so on. The main purpose of using spray renewal agent is complementary color. If black shoes and so easy to wear a long anti-white, it is best to use natural color refreshing agent.

In addition to help frosted shoes mold, but also pay attention to routine maintenance:

1, to avoid contact with water: Leather soaked leather easily deformable, fade, the suture is also easy to break, so less sandals and water contact. Such as nubuck leather shoes have been stained with water, should be promptly wiped dry nubuck shoes on the water, and rub the shoe polish. But be careful, do not greased shoes moist, need to wait until the matte shoes wet shoeshine.

2, put the shade: Frosted shoes can not be exposed to the sun, therefore, nubuck shoes should not be placed in a dry shade, can not be placed on the damp or hot place, do not in the sun for a long time to prevent mildew or moldy crack. If found on nubuck shoes moldy, etc., to do a good job moldy.

3, to keep shoes clean: If the shoes clean, then you can use longer. Scrub shoes best brush shoes once a day, such as the temporary absence of shoe polish, you can also use vegetable oil instead, but not too much vegetable oil, otherwise it will contaminate the dust, affecting the appearance. For light-colored sandals shoes, you can first brush with a lemon juice brush, then rub the shoe polish, so that shoes can be as bright as new.

4, to prevent fading: easy to fade shoes, wear a long time, had become dark-colored shoes into a white. In order to prevent the fading of the leather shoes, 1 part of formaldehyde (30% purity) is dissolved in 3 parts of water, and the upper is painted with this aqueous solution, dried and then coated with shellac (1 part of shellac and 10 parts of alcohol) Fade phenomenon will be reduced.

5, Major General leather shoes and hard goods contact: In addition, the usual wear less kick hit hard objects, often with shoe polish can effectively prevent the upper fade, extend the service life.

How to clean the shoes moldy

General shoes are not water cleaning, so as not to affect the quality of shoes, prone to cleft lines, shoes and other cracks, but if the leather mold is more serious, the shoes also grow a lot of mold, leather shoes cleaning is necessary. How to clean the shoes moldy? Leather moldy cleaning methods generally first wipe with alcohol, with soapy water on the shoes for cleaning. Shoes cleaning method is:

1, wipe the shoes: moldy shoes, the mold should be handled first, available with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1: 1) solution to wipe the moldy bag can also be handled.

2, to the macula: There are some white moldy mold, brushing left easily after the macula, rinsing the last time in the shoes, you can add a small amount of vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, so as not to white shoes for dyeing. The shoes soaked in water for half an hour, when dry in the surface paste white tissue, dry white as new.

3, water wax wipe: water wax can form a layer of hard protective film on the car body surface, with super waterproof, acid rain, pollution prevention, anti-ultraviolet erosion and other functions. Wobble the water and pour it down evenly on the cloth or toilet paper (not too much) and wipe directly on the spot of moldy shoes.

4, brush dipped in soapy water: brush with soapy water to wash moldy shoes, and then placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry, must not exposure.

5, soaking: If the leather moldy serious, you can soak shoes in soapy water for ten minutes, and then brush gently brush. However, it is generally not recommended to completely soak shoes, so easy to deform shoes.

6, if the shoes because of dampness or excessive sweat and other reasons, there surface whitening, salt cream, hair and other phenomena, you can use light soft cloth dipped in vinegar light rub, and then rub the same color shoes cream Dry.