How to clean snow boots

1, use cold or warm wet snow boots body, but do not over-soaked, it is very important not to use hot water to clean, because it will reduce the adhesive soles of shoe soles and damage natural leather scalability, causing the sole Glue and shoes shrink.

2, the correct method of cleaning is to use a clean sponge brush or soft brush thoroughly and thoroughly scrub the entire shoe body surface. You can also use a bristle brush to help clean the process. Once brushing rinse clean shoes, snow boots can be placed in the washing machine for a few minutes to remove excess dry boots.

3, snow boots need to place the natural dry, remember not to use the dryer to dry or let the boots in the hot sun exposure. Dry up the soles of the entire body upside down, the shoes will be completely dry in a day or two, you will find that once the shoes have been completely dry, the shoe body will be a little contraction, do not worry, this is a normal phenomenon. After wearing about an hour, the shoes will restore a warm and comfortable wearing feeling, and more importantly — boots clean and beautiful.

4, clean clean dry boots can be used with CGM waterproof spray to enhance the water resistance of boots. Once the boots are fully treated, you can use a special fluff care brush gently brushing the shoe body surface in one direction, to help restore natural velvet suede surface natural beautiful smooth texture appearance.

If you follow the correct cleaning method described above, snow boots can maintain the life of several years.

Snow boots cleaning code Remember:

If possible, do not soak the shoe body.

Do not use knit softener.

Do not use any artificial heating to dry.

Do not in the sun exposure.

Do not dry clean.