How the couple’s seven year itch formed?

both men and women from acquaintance love to marry and have children, every day need to live together for a lifetime together, therefore, every day looking at this piece of face each other, both sides of husband and wife produce aesthetic fatigue is sooner or later.

married for years lover I have no appetite for

many clever couple is before the fanatical love cool, before the other produce aesthetic fatigue, ease guided by fanatical love gradually into a family of warm affection, and love the soft belt that the couple deeper emotions, to maintain the family harmonious stability.

produce aesthetic fatigue between husband and wife will have a symptom of six aspects, if we do not consider and rectifying, is likely to turn into the end of the divorce.

a, the other party no longer care about your instrument appearance or dress. If one day you love no longer pay attention to your instrument appearance or is no longer pay attention to your dress carefully, no longer care about you go out when the image is appropriate and tidy, so, only you in your lover’s heart no longer enjoys a special status, all of your behavior to the one you love is no longer important.

2, recently always involuntarily compliment other heterosexual capable. If your partner in the near future will often consciously or unconsciously praise other members of the opposite sex, and always with other members of the opposite sex to compare with you, your heart will not comfortable. Such as your husband praise other women how smart, how frugal living, how to get his family to do in perfect order, etc. Or your wife often praise other men how to considerate family, and how to earn money, how to let family to live a happy and comfortable life, and so on, explain your lover has been tired of your life habit, this phenomenon should be noticeable.

three, at home, and you have nothing to say or talk to you less and less. Should pay attention to whether or not his lover and you communicate less and less, I like to consult with an own close friend and not tell you, involving family things at enmity with you to discuss to deal with, you don’t happy for love not to trouble you. If your lover at home is basically don’t interest you and Lao ke, when he did not have the chat with you when you’re young, or when the one you love in chat with other people talking and laughing, you appear or participate in chat to each other is impatient and want you to immediately disappears, you attaches great importance to the phenomenon is really worth it.

4, zhongshi you daily life such as air or turn a blind eye to you. If your partner in the near future are too lazy to talk to you in and out, back to home and not take the initiative to say hello when you go out or not take the initiative to tell you, when you take the initiative to talk to each other and often find it in the clouds, in spirit. Even if you have how important the family need to discuss with him, the other is a muddle through air or is all a kind of detachment, or are loners are depending on you such as air, should be worth you must pay attention to the phenomenon.

5, try to avoid want to work together in one room and you don’t want to trouble you. Fatigue can lead to visual and auditory disgust chain reaction, this appearance is often difficult to control. So, if your lover come back after few talking to you, try to avoid long time with you together in one room, in addition to sleep don’t like to sleep in a bed with you, and I don’t like to stay at home during the break with you together do household chores, even their own at that time to find replacement clothes would prefer his own soso is no longer to ask you, in the face of this phenomenon, you really need to take the time to take the right way to resolve serious communication with your lover.

six, don’t want to go shopping with you also no longer listen to your nagging. Fatigue can make a person shows cannot hide a little bit of disgust, and this kind of aversion to pass each other casual movement or expressions show it completely. Once you have been used to go shopping in twos, or you have been used to listen to a nagging party. The recent emergence of a party are no longer willing to accompany you to go shopping, get angry when you nag, etc., the slight change is absolutely not for no reason.

in the face of the fatigue of the other party, you must not kick your partner out of the house in a rage, or say something angry words too make each other uncomfortable, want to know more exquisite treasure everyday watching also can have nothing, this is a normal physiological response, it is not necessary to make a fuss over it.

so, let’s learn those clever couple, driven before the fanatical love cooling, before the other produce aesthetic fatigue, ease guided by fanatical love gradually into a warm family, and affection just can last forever.