How maintenance matte leather shoes

How to clean sandals

Preparation tools: detergent, water (30 ~ 40 ℃), vinegar, brush

Specific steps:

1, cleaning scrub shoes, gently rub the stain with a soft brush. Wipe the direction to the same direction, which is combing the texture. At this time do not rub the oil. With 2 parts detergent, 1 part vinegar, 50 parts water dubbed cleaning solution, dip with a shoe brush, and then wash the shoes surface. The proportion of cleaning solution in accordance with 2: 1: 1:50.

2, when scrubbing, do not bubble shoes into solution, do not dip too much solution. When the shoes surface clean, scrub the surface with water, dry naturally on the dry place.

3, smear shoe polish, use the brush to dip the emulsified oil evenly on the semi-dry suede, brushing as much as possible to allow the oil to penetrate the skin.

4,30 minutes, use a clean warm water brush to slick, dry in the shade. Dry, you can use wire brush or coarse sandpaper brush suede, so that villi reproduce, and then comb brush.

How to maintain sandals shoes

1, usually wear sandals shoes can not collide with hard objects, it is best not to wear rainy days. Because frosted water, dirty hard to take care of. It is recommended to brush gently with a brush suede, then wipe the dirty place with a damp cloth. Done again.

2, when the sandals wear long discoloration, you can go to the shoe store to buy some special shoe powder, in the process should pay attention to the following to pad a newspaper and the like, deerskin powder fell to the floor, the carpet is difficult to clean. Choose the same color as the shoes, evenly applied to the entire pair of shoes suede. Then use the shoe brush to paint the excess surface of the shoe.

3, maintenance of scrub shoes to use special matte powder, no shoe polish. No shoes powder, you can use the brush to look.

4, fluff, you can follow the hair, brush comb.

How to grease scrub shoes

1, with a banana peel oil on the shoe, you can restore the upper clean. Because incense Jiapi contains suction tannin, to remove oil.

2, with detergent droplets drip in the oil Department, 10 minutes later, with a damp cloth against the oil Department, see the oil shallow, with water brushing at the oil, the same action repeated several times, and then washed with water, and wait After drying, brush with suede brush once.

3, scrub shoes to brush in the same direction to wipe. Color need to use a special spray, 20 cm from the upper spray. Because the toe and heel are easy to lose hair, spray more spray. Place in a cool sheltered place for some time, and then according to the usual wearing habits, gently knead the upper.

How to choose frosted shoes cleaner

Scrub shoes Cleaner cleaning scrub shoes, both convenient and fast. Frosted leather shoes dirty, it is recommended to choose a special detergent. On the market, all kinds of detergent manufacturing content is similar. According to the different manufacturers and leather cards, product quality, the effect will be different. It is recommended to choose a good market reputation detergent, do not because of cheap detergent ruined nubuck shoes.

Scrub cleanser can not only clean the surface oil, but also allows uneven play a dead end effect. Choose a suede-only cleaner.

Scrub shoes cleaner not only to remove perspiration, stains, but also to remove some of the industrial oil. Special for those who can not touch the sandals shoes, special cleaning agent is the best cleaning products.