“Holding mother’s hand” refresh! How often do you didn’t take her mother’s hand?

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a lot of netizens are drying out of the hand in hand with mother of according to

with the connecting rod according to the

there are series of touching love

@ high Suzy: mom hold my hand when I was young, mother is old now, I have to take my mother’s hands, companions.

@ small dolphin v587: I took the mother’s hand, baby, holding my hand, go hand in hand.

@ the tree every day in the sun: because professional soldier was gathered from much less, so it will be more particularly cherish the time spent with the family, love really is to say, every time they leave mom and dad to pick me up, I will run to hug them, kiss them. Can it is happy with his parents, photo is in Shanghai last year and her mother play photos, pull the mother’s hand, of course, led the mother take the subway, although I also sat for the first time, this year New Year’s day stay on duty.

@ love to eat strawberry not say ye: I hope she has been nagging, don’t bother.

@ baby _ mountain artillery peach libra: mother holding grandma’s hand.

shandong zhang: my mother is 95 years old, the body also is very good, I do a lot of food on New Year’s eve night, let mother sat next to me when I reached for the mother’s hand, mother’s hand a bit rough around the edges, but it’s very warm. Mother can always accompany me through the years, is my lucky and happiness, I wish mom longevity and health.

@ I am in your eyes the sun warm the world mother’s hand, although the mother’s hand is rough, but our house clean. Such a guy, very comfortable mother I love you.

as below said that

when you are chasing success

please slow down occasionally

talk to mom

holding mother’s hand for a walk

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